Sunday Car Booty

Only had time for a very brief wander around the car boot sale in the freezing (minus 3!) cold this morning, as I wanted to get home in time to watch the final of the Australian Open tennis.  Such a shame for Andy Murray, but he was TOTALLY outplayed by the Serbian.  I’m still convinced he’ll win a Grand Slam one day.

Anyway, here are today’s  purchases:

Travel high chair £1.50

Vanity Fair 1960 and Tatler 1956, 50p for the two.

Clinique turnaround cream £2 (still has £25 price tag on bottom), Sanctuary Body Butter set £1.50.  (Both for resale, in case you think I’m breaking the terms of my promise not to buy beauty products!).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everybody – sun is shining here – lovely!



14 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Do the bodycare items make a good resale profit? I could pick up loads in summer and don’t but this year will need every penny I can get.

    Good for you going to the booty in such extreme cold – you deserve your finds.

  2. What I’d give for a car boot sale. Although have to say, not sure I’d get my bum in gear and go in these arctic conditions even if there was one! Great purchases again, Caroline, and good on you for braving the cold to find them.

  3. love the stuff, my friend just had one of those chairs she paid £19.99 , love the beauty stuff and well done for keeping your promise!

  4. Oh, I would love those vintage magazines! We don’t have car boot sales here, but I do live in Canada’s garage sale capital. Never have quite wrapped my head around them, but my friend is the Queen of Great Deals.

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