The Gallery: Shapes

William is going to be 11 on Thursday.  I know I say it every year, but where HAVE those years gone?  How quickly he is growing up, growing up into a young man, somewhere between childhood and the teenage years.

And slowly but surely, growing out of toys and into laptops, mobile phones and iPod Touches!   One of the toys he has recently deemed ‘no longer required’ is his Geomag magnetic building set.  Magnetic sticks and balls – so simple, but so much fun, endless possibilities, and it has provided hours of entertainment over the years (adults seem to love it as much as children – one of our friends once spent an entire evening building complicated pyramid structures – although they became more prone to collapse as the evening went on – which seemed to be directly related to the amount of alcohol being consumed, funnily enough!)

So last week, before we put the Geomag away up in the loft  for my grandchildren to play with one day, William couldn’t resist making one last model with it.  So I took a photo.

This post is for Tara’s weekly Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.


13 thoughts on “The Gallery: Shapes

  1. At least the new interests take up less space !
    I am reeling at the amount of High School Musical stuff we have accumilated over the last couple of years, now she says she hates it all !
    Sue x

  2. I felt a bit sad when my daughter outgrew the simple toys, but the other day (she’s 13) she and a friend got excited to play ‘pick up sticks’ (or Mikado some people say). So I guess perhaps children just broaden their interest rather than discard old ones…? Wishful thinking perhaps 😉 GREAT idea for shapes!

  3. Awwwww Happy Birthday to your 11 year old. My youngest turned 11 today and I was thinking today how fast the years have flown.
    Really love your Gally entry…Lovely & colourful!

  4. The twins are hurtling towards their first birthday, & we can’t figure out where the time has gone – so I think I know what you mean!

    That geomag toy looks great; I’ll look out for it for when they’re older. In fact, I may even get one for myself! 🙂

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