Three Things February – 1st Feb

What a great idea this is!  And not mine, I hasten to add.  Sarah Rooftops must take all the credit, and for the lovely logo thingy with the snowdrop too.

 The idea is to blog (or tweet) three things each day for the whole month of February which made you smile that day.

 So without further ado, here are my three for 1st Feb:

 1.  My parcel from M&S arriving, containing my new bright pink bathoom accessories (pictures to follow in a later post).

2.   The King’s Speech with my friend Faye and her daughter.  What a brilliant movie.

3.   My Twitter mate @designcredo (who is a very witty and intelligent chap) telling me one of my Tweets had made him laugh. 

There’s a twitter hashtag if you want to join in #3thingsFebruary


2 thoughts on “Three Things February – 1st Feb

  1. What a lovely idea! February’s an even more miserable month than January so things to make us smile make it a hell of a lot more bearable.
    Mine are:
    1. A silly email from an Aussie mate.
    2. Egg and chips for tea.
    3. My spots are finally starting to go!!

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