3 Things February: 3rd & 4th Feb

D’you know, yesterday and today have been such great days that I have a CHOICE of things for my 3 things list.  Which can’t be bad!

3rd Feb – William’s 11th Birthday

1.   Proper old-fashioned afternoon tea at my mother-in-law’s house with tea from a pot, cream cakes and salmon and cucumber sandwiches, all served on flowery china plates with doilies.

2.   Being reminded by my sister-in-law, Amanda, of a favourite saying of a rather eccentric Irishman we used to know, one Brendan Pollard.  When describing the distance between the Spanish property he was trying to sell and the beach, he used to say “It’s a ten minute walk if you run”. 

3.   When saying goodnight to William, he said “Nobody could have a better birthday than I’ve had today, thank you Mum”.  (Made me cry a little bit).

4th February

1.  New arrivals in today’s post from ReadItSwapIt, the book swap website.

2.   Booking a five star all inclusive week away in Tenerife after Easter – and paying for it all with eBay profits from last year!  It makes all the hassle of unreasonable buyers and non-payers worthwhile.

3.  Surviving William’s birthday sleepover with five 11 year olds without a drop of alcohol passing my lips, and thereby completing my 14 day non-drinking challenge. (Have to say, I am VERY much looking forward to my first drink for a fortnight tomorrow evening, though!).


6 thoughts on “3 Things February: 3rd & 4th Feb

  1. Awww how sweet of William to thank you like that!! He must be a very well brought up young man! Woohoo for your holiday – bet you can’t wait 🙂 I really want to get into that book swap site, it’s such a good idea.

  2. Oh, that face! What a cutie…happy belated birthday wishes to him. And I think you may now be nominated for sainthood…you know…for the sleepover and all. 🙂

  3. blimey 14 days! and a sleepover. well bloody done. And WOW ebay profits you super star you. And *heart melts* at the best birthday ever bit….

  4. I recently started selling books on Amazon, and plan to start with ebay too soon. My plan, like yours, is to use it for a holiday – so far I have £60, long way to go!

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