The Twitter Meme

I was tagged by Mumof4 so long ago with this meme that I’m quite embarrassed only to have just got around to it.  But better late than never, I guess!

I do rather love Twitter, though I wouldn’t class myself as the most dedicated Tweeter/Twitterer (what’s the correct terminology there?  Who knows?), as I  often go a couple of days without visiting at all. 

I like the conversation-like nature of Twitter: it’s better than instant messaging, because other people can join in and comment as well.  It’s a bit of a social thing, which is great, particularly for those of us who spend a lot of time alone.

Anyhow, time to get on with the answers to these burning questions:

When did you join Twitter? (You can find the exact date at

Nov 29 2008. Although I didn’t do much with my account at all for a good long while after that (see below) .

Why did you join Twitter?

I can’t remember why I joined back in 2008, but the reason I eventually became an active Tweeter was because Ashley wanted me to set up some social networking for his estate agency business, and although I was fully au fait with blogging and Facebook, I really didn’t have a clue about Twitter.   (I did set up Ashley’s social networking, although he doesn’t believe it’s much use to him – he tweets sporadically at @icacia if anybody’s interested!)

Who is/was your first or oldest follower? Who did you follow first? ( will give you this info)  My first five followers were:

Nick – my brother.  Who didn’t get on with Twitter and doesn’t ever visit any more, I don’t think.

Bit of a random one: somebody called Jo Jewell, who I think is a friend of my brother’s (have seen her name on his FB status comments, anyway), but I don’t think she tweets either (though I could be wrong as I don’t follow her back).

Amanda, my sister in law.  Who also doesn’t often tweet.

@SaysKat  One of my best blogging/Twitter buddies – we tweet almost daily and although we have very different taste in books, movies, food, almost everything really, we do share a  very similar sense of humour and can both talk the hind leg off a donkey! (Oh, and we both can’t STAND Christine Bleakley!)

@Sally_Wood another lovely long-time blogging friend, who’s recently given birth to gorgeous twins.

What was Your First Tweet?

It has taken me about 15 minutes to scroll back down through my tweets (that’s dedication for you!), and my first tweet read:

“Thinking about getting ready to go out tonight.” (Nov 08) A stunningly fascinating and witty start to my Twitter career, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Nothing further until 5 tweets in April 09, the last of which stated:

“Giving up on Twitter.   Don’t like it.  Back to Facebook”.

Then I was back again in Dec 09 and have never looked back since!

Do you have any celebrities following you, or have you ever had a DM from a celeb?
No, but I follow a few celebs.  I often think that Twitter must be the bane of many a public relations person’s life!

One of the first celebs I followed was Kirstie Allsopp, who I’ve always rather liked on TV.  Ashley met her and Phil (and indeed was on Location Location once – very briefly) when he had a house on the market that they wanted to feature in the programme.  When Kirstie arrived at the property for sale, she went around the house, unplugged all the plug-in air fresheners and threw them into the garden, saying ‘Eugh, I can’t stand the smell of those things’. 

Which put me off her a bit.

And I found her really quite unpleasant on Twitter as well – rude to all sorts of people, and not willing to accept that people have a differing opinion from her own.  After one particularly unpleasant slanging match on Twitter (Twanging?) with another celeb (can’t remember who?  Lord Sugar?  Or maybe Chris Moyles?  Anyway), I stopped following her.

If you could follow anyone not on Twitter – alive, dead, real or fictional – on Twitter, who would it be?
Nobody springs to mind, I’m afraid.

Which came first – Twitter or blog?

My blog – I started blogging in April 2008.  Then Facebook later that year..  Then Twitter.


I won’t tag anybody specific, but if you fancy having a go, make sure you leave me a comment so I can come and have a nosey!


3 thoughts on “The Twitter Meme

  1. Haaaa! Love this post! Can’t believe I was one of your first followers!!!

    And thanks for the btwitterday link – was only wondering the other day when I joined. Apparently Jan 13th 2009, which I actually find hard to believe – have I really been tweeting for TWO years? I honestly don’t think I have! Maybe I signed up and never used it. Hmm..


  2. Thanks – that was good to read!!! I go through phases of tweeting and not tweeting.

    I had heard about some tweet war with Kirstie Alwotsit……. Hmmm. Interesting….

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