3 Things February: 5th and 6th Feb

Saturday 5th Feb

1.  The lovely sound of silence after William’s four birthday sleepover friends departed at lunchtime.  They all had a great time.

2.   My first drink after completing my 14-day no alcohol challenge.  I had a margarita and every sip was like a little taste of heaven!

3.   A really lovely chatty evening with Ashley in front of the TV, after Will went to bed at the unheard of early hour of 7.30 pm – exhausted from the previous night’s sleepover.

6th Feb

1.  Waking up early for the car boot sale, looking outside and deciding to go back to bed.  After being woken up at 5 am on Saturday by the sleepover crowd, I felt as if I deserved a lie-in!

2.   The really nice ice-cream van man at Stover Country Park when we went for a walk this morning.  Ashley ordered an ice cream each for him and Will, and a hot soup for me.  The chap made the soup and then realised Ashley had a £20 note in his hand and said he didn’t have enough change for a £20.  We didn’t have anything smaller, but he gave me the soup anyway, as he’d already made it.  When we finished our walk, we went back to the ice cream van, and he now had enough change so Ashley and Will got their ice creams and we were able to pay for the soup, too.  What a very nice man.

3.                  An unexpected visit from Ashley’s brother, his partner and her son with a lovely birthday present for Will.  It was really nice to see them and catch up, as we hadn’t seen them for a good long while.

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