3 Things February: 7th Feb

1. My lovely new boss thanking me for doing my job and telling me how much she values my experience and knowledge. Thank you, Liz, you don’t know what a difference those few words made to me.

2. Crazy Heart. A film I thought wasn’t going to be much cop and turned out to be funny and thought-provoking. (Oh, and Colin Farrell was in it, too.)

3. Getting through almost my whole ‘to do list’ and ticking off each thing as it got done. Sometimes it’s the small things, isn’t it?

It’s funny, it really works: you focus on the good things, and you realise how much good stuff there is going on in your life. Try it.


5 thoughts on “3 Things February: 7th Feb

  1. Lists rule – and the more ticking off the better! I laughed to myself re: cold call from last post…. grrrr! They honestly don’t know where to draw the line – my poor parents get them ringing the whole time!

  2. I liked ‘Crazy Heart’ too. I hadn’t known Colin Farrel was in it before I went so I was surprised!
    I went to the movies today to see ‘Biutiful’ – v intense, quite sad and lots of subtitles.
    THE PROJECTOR BROKE with 20 minutes to go – they couldn’t fix it so I have to go back tomorrow to try again! Grr – really want to know what happened now!
    Well done tackling your list!

  3. your boss rocks. if only more bosses were like that eh!? I like that you are really feeling the 3 things vibe (sorry for that word, I am such a hippy!) Its good for it to be just 3 things too. I tried 5 things a day. but 3 is neater

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