Three Things February – 7th Feb (The Assertiveness Issue)

1.  Bit of a weird one, this, but nevertheless.  Having the courage to finally ask my mother-in-law not to invade my personal space when talking to me.**

 2.  William being so good about doing the ridiculously huge amount of homework currently being sent home from school.  He really doesn’t make any fuss about it at all.  But I’m going to – I’m off to do battle with the form teacher tomorrow morning.  Mwahahahha!

3.  Sandwiches for dinner in front of the TV with William, watching last Sunday’s Wild at Heart.

**In the last year or so, she’s taken to moving closer and closer to me until she’s literally inches from my face when we’re talking. (At first, we thought she might be having trouble hearing, but she doesn’t do it to Ashley or William, weirdly, although she does do it to my mother as well).  Anyway, I always take a really obvious big step backwards, but she appears not to notice, and just steps forward again and closes the gap.  We did a whole circuit of her kitchen in this fashion last week, until I ended up pinned against the dresser with her right in my face.  I literally can’t bear it.  So this morning she was in my kitchen waiting for Ashley, and she started.  We’re chatting and she inches forward until she’s all but touching me.  I take a big step backwards.  She steps forward again.  I take a deep breath, hold my palm up to ward her off and say “Please, Julie, don’t stand so close to me when we talk, I find it really unnerving.”  I think I may have upset her, but it’s just too bad.  It’s gone on long enough, she hasn’t taken my big (step backwards) hints, and I don’t like it.


5 thoughts on “Three Things February – 7th Feb (The Assertiveness Issue)

  1. Good girl! I wonder if she does this with other people too. If she takes your very honest and perfectly appropriate comment to heart, her circle of acquaintances may thank you! 🙂

  2. Good for you!! My mil always interrupts and talks over me, what she has to say being far more inmportant of course!! Getting really pissed off with it so i may be saying something similar!!
    Loving the three things for friday!!

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