Sunday Car Booty

Ewww, horrible pouring rain this morning, which doesn’t look as though it’s going to let up for the rest of the week.  Slim pickings at the car boot sale, as well (unsurprisingly), and lots and lots of dirty tat to sort through – I’m off for a nice hot shower after I’ve finished writing this post!

Country Casual silk skirt, £1

A book that I’ve fancied reading for ages 50p, Avon skin retexturising pads £1 and a Boots Botanics giftset £1.

Rather lovely silver flip flops for me (can’t wait for my holiday in April!) £1, Pink mules £1 and Rocket Dog wedges 50p

Red Herring Belted mac 75p.  Needs a good wash, but other than that is in lovely condition.

2 pairs jeans (1 Principles, can’t remember other and is now in washing machine so can’t check!), and 1 pair New Look trousers, 75p and £1 each.

Ashley and Will are still in bed, and plans for this very rainy Sunday consist of nothing more strenuous than a cooked breakfast, a DVD, some reading and Dancing on Ice with a couple of cheeky margaritas, followed by roast chicken later on.  Sounds like my kinda day!

Have a fabulous Sunday wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Let me know how that book is – I have also wondered about ordering it.
    Probably seems a daft thing to say to you but I would love a day where we were house bound because of the rain…..
    really would!

  2. My fave boot sale was on today for the first time this year but the weather was horrendous so I bet it was cancelled!
    Glad you managed to make a few finds. The belted mac looks like a good one and very cheap too!

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