Three Things February

I am totally loving this little project, and writing about three things that make me smile every day.

Mon 14th Feb

1.         Driving fast through a flooded bit of road on the way home from school, so the water sprayed up all over the car.  Will’s friend: ‘oooh, that was cool, my mum never does that in case the car gets dirty’.

2.         A surprise Valentines card popped through the letterbox by Ashley on his way to work. 

 3.            Hanging the washing out on the line in the sunshine for the first time this year.  (Having to bring it all back in 10 minutes later because it was pouring wasn’t the best, but nevertheless.)

Tuesday 15th Feb

1.   Receiving the most amazing, lovely comments on a blog post that I put my heart and soul into writing.  Thank you to everybody who commented – you don’t know how much it meant to me.

2.   Making two lunch dates for this week in quick succession, after thinking my diary for the rest of the week was looking a bit dull.

 3.   Helping out a friend in need – it always makes me feel good to do somebody a good deed.


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