Three Things February – 16 & 17 Feb

I really hope you’re not all bored to tears of reading my three things every day. 

Wed 16 Feb

 1.            Shopping in Waitrose – my favourite supermarket.  It’s further away than my normal supermarket, but as I was meeting a friend nearby for lunch, it was a great excuse.

 2.         Visiting three new (to me) charity shops and picking up some fab bits and bobs including a pair of vintage Gina shoes for £3.50!  Discovered using the Blind Lemon iPhone app, which lets you search for charity and vintage shops near your current location (as well as by postcode or town). Just brilliant.

3.            Spaghetti Tetrazinni and Insalata Caprese from Jamie Oliver’s Italy book – both absolutely delicious, even if I do say so myself.

Thur 16 Feb

 1.            Sneaking back to bed after Ashley & William had left for school/work, for a lovely hour or so’s snooze.  Naughty but nice!

 2.            Thinking about the fact that next week is half-term and there will be no early alarm calls.

3.            Catching up on lots of TV that I’ve recorded over the last couple of weeks – really enjoyed the first episode of Marchlands, and I still have two more recorded waiting to be watched.  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend!


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