Sunday Car Booty

Before I start, my sincere apologies for the frankly dreadful photography in this post – but I can’t be bothered to go and retake them (lazy cow).

A good haul at this morning’s boot sale, really very pleased with what I picked up:

Next wedding shoes, brand new and boxed, £5

Amanda Wakeley trousers brand new with tags, £1.50, and 500g of pure cotton knitting yarn £1.50

Next pink prom dress, £2.50

Warehouse pale pink linen dress, £2.50

Floaty kaftan style top, still with £30 tag attached, £1.50

Laura Ashley cotton print top 50p, Next shorts £1

Armani & Issey Miyake body lotions 50p each, Chanel eye shadow compact 50p, cute kids Clarks wellies £1

2 pairs brand new Faith shoes, £2 for the heels, £1 for the flats

Two pairs of (frankly amazing) what can only be called ‘stripper shoes’, brand new, £1.50 each


Right, off to raid the fridge for breakfast – I’m thinking mushrooms on toast …


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I can’t believe you’ve been out, bought all that stuff, come home, photographed and posted, I’m just out of the bath. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, probably admiring all those purchases.

  2. Wow what a lot you got!
    Over here they would be called ‘hooker heels.’ And I want to know what they eventually go for on ebay!!
    I was sort of sad to see the unused wedding shoes – I winder what drama went down for them not to be used? Or whether they were bought in wishful thinking mode……? Always a story lurking I am sure!

  3. Ooh I have those Next shoes at the top in black – got them in the sale for £12 so you did good there! Haven’t been to a car boot sale is aaaages but I know there’s one coming up this weekend so might have a rumage!

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