Storm In A B Cup

I like to think I’m fairly unshockable.

 But when my ex sister-in-law dropped into conversation this morning that she’s going into hospital tomorrow to have a boob job, I must admit my mouth dropped open. 

I was gobsmacked.  On the plus side, it did take my mind off the grinding 2,000 decibel torture that was the first day of half term in a large kids’ indoor play centre for a good while, but even so …

I don’t know how to write this without sounding patronising or rude, so I’ll just say it: I don’t move in the kind of circles where people have breast augmentations.  In fact, I think it would be true to say I’ve never known anybody who’s had one.

To me, the type of people who have boob jobs are:

a)                  Jordan

b)                  WAGs

c)                  Former Big Brother contestants

d)                  People who star in those American “Real Housewives” programmes.

My SIL, Sarah, is a slim, attractive and glamorous 37-year-old yoga teacher.  She lives in a nice house, drives a new car, has several foreign holidays each year and a very active social life.  She’s also a single mum with three kids from two different relationships, both of which have broken down and at least one of which was abusive.  

 All of which may or may not have anything to do with said breast enhancement.

 When I recovered my composure, I questioned her about why she wanted to have it done.  Just for me, to make me feel more feminine, was her answer.  And she said it so sincerely, that I really believe she thought it was true.

 But surely, if you want to feel more feminine, you go and buy a floaty dress, a pair of dangly earrings, or some new high heels.  You don’t go and spend several thousand pounds on having your body cut open and two sacks of silicone inserted into your chest.  Do you?

 Call me old-fashioned, but it just doesn’t sit comfortably with me.  I came away from our chat feeling really sad for Sarah, and really hoping that she finds whatever it is that she’s looking for.  Because I’m sure as hell, it’s not a bloody C cup.


14 thoughts on “Storm In A B Cup

  1. I know exactly where you are comong from, why put yourself through all of that, what if it is a botch job??? it is not for me !

  2. I agree. I know several women who have had reductions for medical reasons but none that have gone the other way. All that pain, for what? Believe me, big boobs are not all they are cracked up to be. I’d go with the dress, high heels option any day!

  3. OMG! I so get your sentiments. When I first moved to California I was floored by semi normal women wanting boob jobs. I know a lot of v v fit (yoga) women who have so little body fat they are flat as pancakes so go to get boob jobs for something to go up top. Seems hard to fathom but then I have Bravissimo size chest.
    It can be a way of ‘finding yourself’ but also can be due to self esteem issues.
    A friend’s SIL – v unfeminine – never does hair/never shaves legs, lives in black jeans, overweight, in late 40s, never dated…..she had breasts removed due to cancer and then went for breast reconstruction with implants. That amazed us both as we never ever thought of her as at all bothered about image at all – but maybe it is a psyche thing?
    It is not a painless procedure at all from what I hear so I hope your ex SIL has a good after care helper.

  4. I can’t understand any woman willingly putting herself though the pain and trauma of a major procedure. Where will it all end? Once she’s had her breasts enhanced no doubt she’ll start feeling insecure about another part of her body.

  5. After a questionable mammogram one year, I was sent to a surgeon who specializes in cancer surgeries. Thank God my issue was not cancer, but did require years of follow-up appointments after mammograms. On one such visit, the only other patient in the waiting room was an elderly lady…used a walker…stockings puddled at her ankles. Once I was in the exam room, sitting with only blank walls to stare at, I could hear the surgeon in another exam room with this other patient. She was consulting him about having her breast implants removed! (I think one of them had slipped out of place or something.) I was so aggravated with myself for staring at those darn sagging stockings instead of checking out her northern regions. Ever since then when I hear about someone having augmentation surgery, I wonder if someday they will have to face another painful and expensive surgery, maybe at an age when they will not recover quickly.

  6. This morning I have sat and googled ‘dairy free vlcd’ – losing a vast amount of weight feels like it would be life changing in a way that Trinny and Susannah Bridget Jones’ style pants just can’t do.

    Obviously the issues are different, but the basis is the same. Can a significant physical change allow significant psychological change? I’m not sure it is a solution on its own but I think in the right context it can be part of a solution.

    Princess Peach x

  7. I agree with you. I have 2 friends who have had boob jobs, both very slim and have gone from B cups to D cups, I don’t think it looks natural TBH and yes they have to be redone every 10 or so years, they are also hard if you know what I mean, they don’t squish like real ones, not a fan. x

  8. I totally agree and well done you for speaking up. I can think of many things in the world I’d try to put right before having foreign objects inserted into my body. For goodness sake, some people don’t have clean drinking water never mind D cups.

  9. god I would love smaller boobs! But no way would I have surgery on them. A friend said she would never have it done because, what if something went wrong and that is how everyone remembers the way you died. But I guess I cannot ever imagine it because I have never had that small boob issue. Its odd for a yoga teacher to want that sort of thing. I would not want to be taught yoga by someone who had had a boob job. Its just all wrong!

  10. So agree with you on this one! I couldn’t believe it when a couple of year back my SIL had a boob job for her 40th birthday and all it has done in my eyes is balance out her massive hips and bum and made her look bigger overall. At least with a flat chest her top half was smaller!
    I can understand in some cases though. One of my daughters has a figure like an ironing board so I can see why a floaty dress wouldn’t do it for her but at almost 20 she has never mentioned a boob job but often uses the word “flat chested”.

  11. Hmmm, I know two people who have had boob jobs and coincidence or not both went on to develop cancer….
    I’m of the ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ camp ; I have small boobies and the only time I’d consider implants is if I’d had surgery and needed another one reconstructed.
    BTW there are some nice chicken fillet bras about these days – I keep wondering if I should buy one. Cheaper, less drastic and disposable boobies for those who don’t want back aching big boobs.

  12. Oh dear 😦 I am with you on this one. I mean, I wouldn’t mind a LIFT but I consider that reconstructive surgery 🙂 I wouldn’t ever dream of having these puppies made bigger, but then I’m not flat-chested so I guess I can’t understand it at all. I hope she does find happiness in a C cup… for her sake.

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