This Week I’m …

… Reading

And it’s all a bit same old, same old.  It’s a measure of how much it’s keeping my attention that I’ve been catching up on an awful lot of recorded TV when I could have been reading this week!

… Watching

Will and I went to the cinema to see Paul yesterday – we’d seen a couple of trailers and thought it looked really funny.  When we arrived, we discovered it was a 15 certificate, so we couldn’t see it.  So we ended up seeing the only other thing on without having to wait around for ages – Gnomeo & Juliet.  Which was great.  If you were four.

… Failing

To keep up to date with my 3 Things February.  I am blaming my computer being out of action (power supply unit gave up the ghost) for the last couple of days.  But I have not given up, and will be back with 3 Things Feb tomorrow.

… Looking Forward To

A family trip to London this weekend.  A visit to the London Dungeon and two nights in a five star hotel (both courtesy of Tesco vouchers), and some shopping, sightseeing and whatever else takes our fancy.


2 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. I so know what you mean about a book that doesn’t grab you….I plough through them but it doesn’t make me WANT to read as much.
    May have to take my 5 yr old to Gnomeo and Juliet based on that recommendation.
    Enjoy London (v jealous)….

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