Weekend In London

We got back last night from a fab weekend in London, despite the fact that we decided to abort a planned visit to the London Dungeon due to a THREE HOUR QUEUE!!!!  Seriously, why would anybody stand in a queue for that long?

We visited Borough Market, which was fabulous, and something I’ve wanted to do for ages – and came away with some lovely foody purchases (no surprise there, then!).

We walked miles and miles and miles – the best way to see London is definitely on foot, I always think.

We went to see We Will Rock You (which I’ve seen before but Ashley and William hadn’t) and loved it.

We shopped until we dropped, despite the horrible rain, all day on Saturday.

And we ate some great food in various places, and drank some lovely cocktails (lychee martinis – yum).

And I now want to remodel my house** to include a centrepiece like this gorgeous display of orchids and candles in the hotel lobby – isn’t it just amazing?! 

**Think I might need a 200 foot extension building first!!


7 thoughts on “Weekend In London

  1. Hi my dear-sounds like you had a wonderful time, its true the best way to see London is on foot! I love Borough Market and the lychee martinis sound gorgeous!! xx

  2. I love hearing about peoples trips to London as it’s often lost of me due to working there!

    I’ve seen We Will Rock You too, it’s so much fun, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

    Victoria x

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