February Photo Scavenger Hunt

I’ve decided to join in with this fab little idea over at Postcards from the PP, whereby you are given a list of words for the month and you have to take a photo to represent each one.

I must admit that I haven’t managed them all this month, but I thought I’d share the ones I have got.

Something Red: my poinsettia, still alive at the end of February which, considering my usual ability to kill houseplants just by looking at them, is something of a miracle.

Something Heart-Shaped: The wallpaper on my iPad screen – though I must change it now it’s not February any more.

Newspaper Headline: A problem close to my heart, considering the gas-guzzling beast I drive.  February was the month when a tank of petrol for my car passed the £100 mark.

Eyes: William shining a torch onto his face outside in the dark – it made for a rather spooky effect.

A Round Clock Face: An appalling quality iPhone photograph taken on the run in Paddington Station on Sunday.

A Bridge: A slightly better quality iPhone photograph, again taken in London at the weekend (as if you couldn’t figure that out without me telling you!) and doctored a bit with my CameraBag App (well worth the 59 pence spend).

Something with Stripes: My blog notebook, in which I jot down ideas for blog posts.  I do love a pretty notebook, though this one is rather annoying as it’s one of those that the pages become unglued and fall out really easily.  Considering it’s a Bombay Duck one, and wasn’t cheap, it’s not very good really.

Shoes: a new pair from the charity shop for £3 earlier this month.  I think they have a bit of a 40s feel about them somehow, with the chunky heel.  And what girl doesn’t love a bit of leopard print?

The ones I missed out were: a postbox, a big lorry, a park bench and a musical instrument.  I will try to do better next month!


2 thoughts on “February Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. That’s a great one of William with the torch!
    I have enjoyed doing the hunt each month and have made a note of next month’s in my diary already!
    Lisa x

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