Journal Jar Q71: What Was Your Worst, Really Embarrasing Moment?

This was one of the subjects that came up in the Friday 5 series last year, so I’m afraid it’s a repeat story from last May.  But it was quite funny, so is probably worth another airing:

 A few years ago, I did a car boot sale to get rid of a load of stuff I didn’t want any more.  One of the first things I sold was a very individual (and hence easy to recognise) silver jewellery box that had been a present from my sister-in-law, but that I had never liked and had ended up gathering dust in a cupboard. 

The following evening, I had a text message from my sister in law, saying she’d just been to visit her aunt, who had been proudly showing off her new bargain jewellery box, which she’d bought from the car boot sale the previous day.

 Unfortunately, my sister in law didn’t see the funny side.


4 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q71: What Was Your Worst, Really Embarrasing Moment?

  1. Hilarious! I bet you wish that the ground could’ve swallowed you up.
    Mine was getting into a yellow Beetle and fastening the seat belt only to discover the bloke driving it wasn’t the yellow Beetle-driving owner I was seeing at the time. wrong car, wrong man, red face. xxx
    Loved yesterday’s Campervan post.

    • Yes, the very same. I text back saying how embarrassed I was, and the subject was never raised again. Haven’t spoken to her since boobs revelation (she’s no longer with Ashley’s brother, so no family connection any more, we only see each other every couple of months), but she’s had the op (according to Facebook updates – classy!).

  2. Oh dear. Hope you can laugh about it now…or someday. 🙂

    When we were building a house several years ago it involved parceling out a portion of our land for the mortgage, and refinancing the rest. Required several title closings. I kind of had an instant dislike of the closing agent, whose name was Danna. I even told our mortgage banker that I would prefer not to use that title company again because of it. Said mortgage banker’s name was Donna. One day she called me to apologize for a problem at one of the closings, and I immediately told her that that was why I had requested using a different company, that if she remembered I had told her that I didn’t like that closing agent, etc, etc. She was very quiet for a minute, and then said, “I think you misunderstood. I am Danna.” Oops…it was closing agent calling, not mortgage banker. It was my turn to be quiet for a minute before I just said that I thought it would be better if we used another title company in the future. I was mortified…still am actually.

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