Happy Monday

The sun is shining, the washing is drying on the line outside for the first time this year, and although it’s Monday, I’m feeling very content and happy with life today. 

I have so much to be grateful for, such a lovely life, and like everybody, I suppose, I don’t often sit back and appreciate it all properly.  So today, I thought I would.

Here are some of the blessings I’ve been counting today.

1.         UK healthcare – I phoned the doctor this morning and have an appointment this afternoon for William.  Free of charge (if you discount the fact we pay for it via taxation, of course!), and super speedy.  Too many people in this world have no healthcare at all.

2.         The changing of the seasons.  If it wasn’t for the horrible autumn and winter, we wouldn’t anticipate and appreciate the spring and summer as much as we do.  It’s so lovely to see the daffodils out and the trees blossoming.

3.         My family.  My husband, my son, my parents, my brother and his family.  No divorce, no separations, everybody happy.  It’s a gift.  The value of which is priceless.

4.         Home.  My house, my sanctuary, the place I love best in all the world.  Despite the fact it’s in Devon!

5.         Money.  I’ve had very very little, and I’ve had plenty, and I know which I prefer!  In fact, if I’m precise, it’s not the actual money that matters, it’s the freedom, choice and opportunities that having money gives you that counts. 

6.         My friends.  Real-life friends and online friends alike, all important and all part of brightening up my life.  Thank you.

 So, enough gushing for one day, I’m off to clean the bathroom.


4 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Lots of important stuff to be very thankful for. I’ve cleaned my bathroom, just the bedrooms to do and then washing the floors, I don’t like that job at all.
    Have a great week.
    Lisa x

  2. I was watching Matt Damon on CNN the other night. He was talking about Health Care here in USA (which costs a fortune on top of taxes) – and he was saying the democratic view was ‘health care is a RIGHT’ – the republican view was more ‘Health care is a choice’ – as in something you have to choose to want through paying…..

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