Barry Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I have all but given up doing product reviews on my blog – but when the lovely people from Barry M asked me if I’d like to try a selection of products from their new Spring range, I near enough snapped their hand off!

Not only was I already a big fan of Barry M make-up, I am also on a self-imposed 12 month make up and beauty product purchasing ban, so the chance to try some new things arrived at just the right time.

I spent a very happy half hour perusing the Barry M website (news to me that they had a website – I’d always bought my Barry M from Superdrug previously), and chose my products carefully.  When they arrived in the post, I was ridiculously excited.

Here’s what I chose:

Loving them all, but particularly the lipgloss (each colour is infused with a different scent and they are a snip at £4.49).  I have an orangey one as well which smells of mandarins and is just divine!

Nail polish comes in a vast array of colours, has decent staying power, and is just £2.99 – yes, you read that right, £2.99. 

I am pleasantly surprised by the mascara, which was one of the item I chose, as I hadn’t tried it before.  It’s volumising, lengthening and curling, according to the blurb, and considering how much cheaper it is than my usual brand, it’s not bad at all.

You can buy the whole range online as mentioned above, and from Superdrug where it’s quite often on a 3 for 2 promotion. 

So what are you waiting for – at these prices, everybody can afford to treat themselves!


5 thoughts on “Barry Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  1. Barry M is the best brand ever, beautiful colours, animal friendly, cheap and it really delivers. I’ve been wearing it since I discovered it as an 1980’s teenager.
    I can’t believe how long the nail varnish stays put. I’m going to have to try the mascara. xxx

  2. It all looks great but I need mascara and always use Maybelline Great Lash, may give Barry M a go though, 2.99 for nail colour is a bargain too!
    Dawn x

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