A Bit of Creativity

I am not a creative person – I was chucked out of art lessons at school at the age of about 13 because I was SO CRAP, so I think it’s safe to say that artistic endeavours do not come easily to me.

However, this week I have made two things that I’m really rather pleased with, so I thought I’d show them to you.

Firstly, I made an inspiration board, which was one of the things on my 43 things list. 

I already had a big magnetic noticeboard in my office so I made a frame around two thirds of it with pink gingham sticky tape and bought 25 round magnets on eBay, which I painted with several different shades of pink nail polish.  Then I spent a very happy couple of hours finding inspirational pictures from magazines, holiday brochures and catalogues for it. 

I’m so pleased with the finished result, and I love that it can be a constantly fluid and changing graphic reminder of fabulous things.

The second thing I made was inspired by this item from the Not On the High Street catalogue (which is full of gorgeous, but very expensive, things).  So rather than spend £40 odd, I made my own, designed and printed on the computer, with a £5 frame, again from eBay.

I’m so pleased with how these two things have turned out, as I can’t remember the last time I actually made something that I was pleased with!  Yay!


18 thoughts on “A Bit of Creativity

  1. I love your “Caroline loves…” picture. Really cool. I might have to nick that idea from you. Sometimes we need a reminder of the things we love 🙂

  2. Awesome – I love them both. I think I’ll borrow your idea for a layout for my Book of Me scrapbook. From the length of the scrapbook list, it should be done by 2020 or 2022!

  3. those are both FABULOUS AND FANTASTIC and VERY CREATIVE! the ability to put things together so they look nice is definately an art.

  4. Nice work, Caroline. I especially like your poster inspired by the ‘Not on the High Street’ one – it’s a brilliant idea to make your own like that.

  5. Caroline , Iove the inspiration board and your magnets look fab, as you say it can change depending on your mood and tastes etc, the framed quotes are great, I too print off stuff and frame them ( will have to take pics), loving this post as you know I love my crafts : )
    x Dawn

  6. The Caroline Loves poster is brilliant. I’ve never flown business class you lucky thing, I wonder if I should make a Jenny’s Never and list all the things I still need to do, but then I never make lists.

  7. OOh lovely!! I have a canvas that I bought to do a 2011 inspiration canvas. Um, it’s as yet unused (well, if you don’t count using it to bounce light from the window onto a sleeping newborn for a photoshoot….) and you’ve inspired me to get on and do it. As for the second picture, I adore it. I love the colours and the fonts and I might well have to pinch the idea. Gorgeous!

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