Sunday Car Booty

Slimmer pickings than usual at this morning’s car boot sale, but I still came home with an interesting selection.

Next trousers, and 2 Next tops – £2.50 the lot

1950s (?) Meakin plate that took my fancy 50p, Benefit eye make up set £1, Emma Bridgewater filofax cover 50p

Vintage “Marquessa” English made handbag with matching purse, in almost perfect condition 50p

Weight Watchers cookbook 50p, 1930 book about Princess Elizabeth,which I thought might sell well, but it doesn’t look like it, 50p.

Lots of cross stitch kits, £3.50 the lot


Jones Bootmaker brown leather shoes £1.50 and girls’ pink Clarks boots 50p

And while I’m at it, I’ll show you a couple of good charity shop purchases from last week:

Really pretty dress by FrostFrench, Sadie Frost’s label, which I paid £6 for.  Although I know who Sadie Frost is, I couldn’t actually tell you what she’s famous for, other than being mates with Kate Moss.  And I’m pretty sure it’s not designing dresses, but anyway ….

And this rather revolting Miss Sixty Killah dress, which I paid £4 for, and which seem to be selling for around £30, bizarrely. 

Ashley has just got back from a run, and we’re about to make bacon sarnies for breakfast, and then go for a walk along the seafront at Teignmouth so Will can try out his new JD Bug scooter.  I suspect the afternoon will involve a spell in my bed with my book and a DVD, and then Dancing on Ice and roast chicken this evening.

Have a fabulous Sunday, whatever you may be doing. 

I am going to link this post up to Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Share Monday and also to Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow, a lovely blog that I’ve recently discovered.

Edited to add: I’ve just sold the Mis Sixty Killah dress less than 12 hours after listing  it, on a Buy It Now of £29.99!


18 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Sadie Frost is famous for being a very lucky cow who was married to the gorgeously divine Jude Law. I’m not bitter!

    ~I love your finds from this morning – great handbag and purse. The pink boots are lovely too, and 50p for an Emma Bridgewater filofax folder wow!

    Great bargains.

    Thanks so much for my lovely mention – see you over at mine tomorrow! xx

  2. …and also the lucky cow who starrred in the Pulp “Common People” video with the divine Jarvis Cocker.
    Love the Meakin plate and the granny bag. Well done for getting up and out so early. xxx

  3. I reckon you’ll get good ebay sales for the Emma Bridgewater filofax cover and the cross stitch kits. Excellent finds as always, and I love the Meakin plate.

  4. Just saw your comment on Scarlett loves Elvis’ blog! So thought I would have a peep at your blog……………………………wow you have been busy with all those finds!!
    Your blog looks v. interesting so will take a better look later!!

  5. Oh what lovely car booty finds! I especially love the meakin plate, the pattern on it, is just gorgeous. I have been looking at my local area to see when the car boots start again, and I have to wait till April! Can’t wait.
    Congrats on selling the dress. Bx

  6. Seem to share some of your taste – great bargains, great finds
    Wish I had found all those cross-stitch kits as wanting to get back into that after many years away from what used to be a fave pastime.
    The boots are gorgeous and my little girl would go mad for them.
    I love the retro looking eye make up and also the Emma Bridgewater as I like all her stuff
    Well done you!
    Loving Magpie Monday

  7. I’d say that was a pretty good little haul you got yourself there. I love it when I buy something that sells super fast on Ebay for a great profit ! woop!
    The boots and the shoes look immaculate. What amazing prices.
    Love the Meakin plate too.

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