Charity Shop Bargains

In lieu of a Sunday Car Boot post this week, as I was away living it up in Cornwall, I thought I’d show you a couple of  things I found last week in charity shops.

Out of about a dozen charity shops in my nearest town, there are only four that I bother going into these days, as the prices have gone up to unacceptable (to me) levels.   I tend to visit my four favourites once a week, and always find a little something.

Mini Boden cardigan 50p – so pretty, I love the mixture of pink and red.

Long black evening skirt by Elvi £1, brand new Moshulu wedges £3.50, and a pair of brown linen cropped trousers from Next £1.50.

Linking up with Magpie Monday today, and looking forward to seeing everybody else’s bargains, having missed out on my weekly car boot fix!


15 thoughts on “Charity Shop Bargains

  1. Completely agree with the prices thing. Some of ours are almost on par with new items and although for a good cause, I think it’s taking advantage a bit.

    You did really well there! I love the little cardi – very cute!

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    Hope you had a lovely time in Cornwall.

    I love that Mini Boden cardi, so sweet. I get quite a bit of Mini Boden from charity shops, it’s great quality so holds it’s shape and colour well.

  3. Mini Boden for 50p ! Wow! how fantastic. I do love the fact that most of the charity shops are staffed by little old ladies who don’t “seem” to know the value of some items. But do agree, a lot of them are getting too savvy these days and dare I say a teeny bit greedy : (

  4. My complete wardrobe, Boss, Ferre, Jaeger, Loakes…. Latest find, Crombie Wool/Cashmere jacket. Love the places. Problem is I have 50-60 shirts and nowhere to go!

  5. Fab bargains and i too agree with the pricing it takes the fun out of charity shop shopping when they price things high 😦

  6. WOw! I bought that cardigan for my daughter from mini Boden a few years ago in the green spotty version. I think it was about $28 new. Grr. So good deal.
    I don’t have a lot of experience with charity shops as they are not the same over here but when I was in UK in the summer we went to lots (often for books) and also looked at clothes etc and even I saw there was a lot of difference in their pricing. We went to a small town up north called Richmond and there must have been just 10 shops in the centre itself!
    Let us know what the Boden cardigan goes for in the end will you? When you ebay, are you allowed to put the word ‘ Boden’ in the description?

  7. Great finds, im sure i would rather be living it up in cornwall than the fight at the car boot this week lol. Scarlett x

  8. Nick and I were in Richmond on Friday and I popped into a couple of different charity shops which I have to say were a different world from the ones here in Bournemouth – saw a lovely pair of Ralph Lauren trousers which were too small for me unfortunately they were £7.00 and I tried on a similar pair last weekend in NY for £135- I almost brought them anyway to inspire me to diet more but thought that was taking things a bit too far!!!

    However on Sunday I went to the car boot sale and picked up a lovely antique gold coloured grecian style dress for £4 which I am going to wear to my brothers wedding in Ceasars Palace – bargain!!

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