No. Really?

Just couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign.  Health and Safety gone mad.  Snapped in my Solicitor’s offices.  You couldn’t make it up.


5 thoughts on “No. Really?

  1. Totally stupid ! there was one on the hot water tap in the hotel we stayed in at the weekend.
    Also saw a sign on a motorway sign saying – sign not in operation !
    Sue x

  2. I prefer to think that this solicitor has a sense of humor, and the sign is his commentary on the inanity of the legal tort system. Please don’t disillusion me by saying he’s really a humorless tight ass.

  3. hee hee – you’ve got to laugh or you’d cry – I suppose as solicitors they know they could get sued over such a thing – crazy! My personal favourite sign is ‘this door is alarmed’ I always wonder what has the poor old door seen that’s put it in such an emotional state?!

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