Six Random Thoughts on Saturday Morning

1.   Saw this on my travels around the blogosphere this week and it made me laugh.  The best variation I’ve seen yet on the ubiquitous ‘Keep Calm’ theme.

2.   I’ve got a new volunteer job working in my favourite charity shop in town on a Wednesday afternoon.  Am ridiculously pleased, and quite excited.

3.   If I don’t start doing some journal jar posts soon, I’ve no hope at all of ever getting to the bottom of the jar.

4.   Bought a book on the day it was published for the first time ever this week – this one:

5.   Ashley has been hammering his business credit card of late to the extent that I’ve got £170 of M&S vouchers (he gets a %age of his credit card spend in vouchers, rather than cashback, and gives them to me – yay!) in my hot little hand.  I feel a trip to the big out of town Marks coming on next week ….

6.   I’ve had a really lovely week this week, for no particular reason.  Just really lovely.  How cool is that?

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend, whatever you’re doing, and that the sun shines on you xx


7 thoughts on “Six Random Thoughts on Saturday Morning

  1. Maybe this Life Audit thing is paying off already?
    Congrats on the charity shop job.Hope you love it. I enjoy my little Wed a.m.
    Completely agree about the children’s clothes comment you left, 80% of my 2’s bits from from those sources too.
    Lisa x

  2. oh I so miss M&S as daft as that sounds.
    I looked for the Maddie book here yesterday after your recommendation and the fact they were on tv here too and so I thought it must be being released here too. Nothing as of yet.
    Good for you with the charity shop gig. Will you blog about any eccentric types you get in?

  3. glad to see you have had a good week – so pleased you’ve got a volunteer post in the charity shop – what fun (will your MIL be a little jelous? Maybe she could join you/!!!)
    I can’t even read the newspaper reports lately on the Maddie case so you’re very brave to read it !!
    Hopefully next week will be just as good!
    PS Going to pluck out a journal jar question now as ditto about that!

  4. That poster version makes me smile. Wednesday afternoon gig sounds fun. Sweet little Madeleine…I pray her family finds answers and peace. It was a nice week here too…today we had a nice lunch out with friends we haven’t seen for awhile. And I love your journal jar posts…look forward to more. k

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