Frock It: So Right / So Wrong

Time for the fabulous Frock It meme again already, as hosted over at Mid 30s Life.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to have a valid reason to spend ages reading the ‘sleb and showbiz pages of all the mags and newspapers this week, and I could have chosen any number of dresses for this week’s post.

However, I’ve decided to plump for Gwyneth Paltrow, who wore not one but two frocks to the National Movie Awards earlier this week.  Now I’m not a big fan of our Gwynnie usually – she’s a bit too holier than thou and macrobiotic for my liking – and she called her daughter APPLE, ffs – get a grip, woman.

However, when I saw her looking absolutely radiant walking the red carpet in this outfit, the first thought that crossed my mind was that she’d got a new stylist she’s looking really good these days.

I love the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, the make-up and the hair – I can even forgive her the matchy-matchy colour thing going on with the dress and shoes, as the hot pink really suits her.

All of which begs the question, when it came to presenting an award later in the evening why, for the love of God, did she change into this horrific thing?

Horrible, horrible, horrible!  Hate the hairy dress, hate her bony chest poking out through the far-too-low v-neck, hate the way it looks like her bra straps are about to fall down (although I think that must be part of the design), and REALLY hate that poker straight hair on her.

What a shame.

However, this week’s Frocky Horror prize has to go to Katie Price’s sister Sophie, who went out for the evening wearing this.

Yuk.  That is all.


11 thoughts on “Frock It: So Right / So Wrong

  1. First, I never knew that Katie Price had a sister. Possibly because anything I read about Katie Price is all about “Me, Me, Me”.

    Now to Gwyneth. I do agree about the shaggy dog number but not that keen on the Barbie one either. To me it looks as if there was a strong wind she would rotate like a spinning top with that skirt. I do agree though that she looks so much better with her hair up.

  2. I agree, it’s fun having a (kind of) legit reason to look at celeb news!

    Completely agree with you on the second GP photos – shocking. She looks so much better in the first pic, although I’m not entirely sure about the top half of the dress. It doesn’t really do it for me, but she does look fantastic.

    I wear a lot of black, and seeing these photos side by side reminds me that colour is good.

    Thanks for joining in again!! xx

  3. I like the pink GP dress.
    The saggy boobs thing. – even for skinny people with little boobs – i don’t like it.

    The other girl (only famous for being Katie Price’s sister?) looks very orange herself! Without the dress adding to the situation.

    The irony is these dresses probably cost 1000s….

  4. I think GP looks great because she’s got that tiny dancer lady to get her fit and slim. I want the tiny dancer lady to sort me out. There’s a DVD but I fear the neighbours peeking in and mocking me trying to dance. Anyway – pink dress: hot; black dress: not; Orange Girl: WTF. That is all 🙂

  5. Gwynnie looks great int he pink frock, nice to see her in something other than white or black. But gawd, but away your boney chest love, no one wants to see that!

    Orange shiny dress and orange tan? Probably always a bit of a no no.

  6. I am not sure about either of GPs dresses, I love the pink colour and agree the colour suits her but I am not sure about the top half, it just doesnt do it for me, I think its my husbands fault for watching too many star trek kind of things and the way it stands out makes it look like something they put their characters in to give them that alien/space/future look, sorry. As for baring her skinny chest, have to agree it should be kept away!

    The only comment I have about the last dress is we used something similar to wrap some christmas biscuits up in we made to give to people, uncannily alike.

  7. As a rule, don’t wear anything shimmery at night if you are going to be photographed and you have hips. Too much reflection!
    GP in pink look like she should be on top of a cake. but it’s way better than black dog dress. Yuck.

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