Frock It: The US Presidential Visit

It was a toss up for me this week whether to go for last Sunday evening’s BAFTAs, or the subject that I’ve finally plumped for – The Obamas’ visit to the UK earlier this week.

The first frock we saw Michelle wearing was this one, for various meetings with the Royals during the day.

I’m not a fan of this one, I’m afraid.  I think the length is all wrong, I don’t like the shiny fabric very much, and the bubblegum pink of the jacket (although I don’t dislike the cut), just makes it all a bit ‘girly’ for Michelle who, let’s be honest, does not have the delicate, feminine build which may have enabled her to carry off this look a little better.  And if I’m being picky, the shoes are a bit dated as well.

As for the Duchess of Cornwall – the word ‘overdressed’ springs to mind.

Just had to make a little mention of Kate’s frock as well – she looks elegant, gorgeous and very Royal indeed – as if she was born to it.  Apparently the Reiss website crashed in the aftermath of this picture being beamed around the world, with women desperate to get their hands on this £175 dress, which subsequently sold out.

Shame on the Daily Mail, though, for banging on in Saturday’s issue about the dress being made in a Romanian sweatshop where workers are paid 99p an hour (which is probably a perfectly reasonable wage in Romania).  Poor Kate – I’m sure she chose this British brand for all the right reasons.  No doubt if she’d worn some couture designer number made in the UK by highly paid seamstresses, the Daily Mail’d be on about her wasting the taxpayers’ money on such frivolity.

Anyway.  I digress.

For an intimate dinner for several hundred at Buck House that evening, Michelle chose this cream frock:

I really like this dress, and the colour looks fabulous on her, but again, I’m not sure it’s the best style for Michelle, emphasising as it does how broad her shoulders are.  Ten out of ten, though, for the gloves, silver clutch, make-up and earrings – all just perfect.

The following day’s outfit was my favourite so far:

I really like the colours – colour blocking being a big thing this season – and the length is so much better than yesterday’s dress, far more elegant.  Her hair looks lovely, as well.

Later on, Michelle and Samantha Cameron were serving the salad while their husbands cooked sausages (WTF?) at a barbecue at 10 Downing Street for some military personnel.

I can’t find a full length photograph of this dress, but I like what we can see of it – black and white is always a winning combo in my book, and I particularly like the sleeve length and beaded belt.

Samantha Cameron on the other hand looks rather dowdy and as though she hasn’t had time to dry her hair.  I think Mrs Cam needs a new stylist.  Hated the outfit she wore to the Royal Wedding, and the other frock she wore for the Obamas’ visit was not very much better:

Oh dear.

During her visit, Michelle also had time to make a speech at Oxford University, for which she wore this classic black trousers/white shirt combination.

Classy and just the right side of informal, I thought.

On their final evening in London, the Obamas hosted a dinner at the American Embassy, and Michelle wore black:

Love, love, LOVE this dress – my favourite of them all, I think.  And here’s a close-up of that gorgeous necklace, along with some amazing false eyelashes.

She certainly saved the best till last.

Pop over to Mid-30s Life for more Frock It – I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody else is writing about this week.


9 thoughts on “Frock It: The US Presidential Visit

  1. Tend to agree with you on all of these except for the black and white dress which I thought was very frumpy. Also not keen on the blue jacket with the purple dress. Absolutely loved the white shirt and black trousers and would die for the black dress. It would look gorgeous in red too. All in all a good choice this week but could you not do a separate one on the BAFTAS!

  2. WOW. That last dress is a real knock-out. Perfect perfect perfect!! And the necklace too. Just stunning.

    I normally can’t bear beige but I really love Kate’s dress too. And didn’t the Daily Mail love how thin she is – what is with that newspaper and women’s bodies? Bizarre.

    Thanks for joining in this week – you’re the first!! xx

  3. Agree, agree, agree, with all of it. There’s been some fantastic frock-spotting this week with all this diplomacy going on.

    Michelle Obama is a stylish woman but I think she is lucky she is so tall or else some of her wardrobe choices would be a disaster, as with Kate Middleton, if you are tall, you can generally pull off most things.

    The D of C Senior just didn’t need that hat, you’re right, too much.

    SamCam has that unendearing quality of wearing really stylish, expensive clothes but looking as if she couldn’t give a toss about them. In doing this, she never seems to do the outfits the justice they deserve. Also, I cannot forgive her for not wearing a hat to The Wedding. Completely inappropriate….

  4. Didn’t get round to frocking it this week with my Mum being on board but will be back next week! Love your choices and agree with all your comments – that last black dress is just stunning. And as for the Daily Mail? It makes good kindling and that’s about all.

  5. Samantha Cameron never looks like she is stood up straight.
    That black evening dress is just so elegant.
    And whoever thought up that awful BBQ idea should be sacked.
    Lisa x

  6. Ah I chose Mich as well! I think she’s awesome. The long black evening gown was my favourite – it caught my eye straight away… nice blog post, you put a bit more thought into it than me!

  7. love that black dress, so simple and stunning. Interesting choice of necklace too.
    For me nothing can top the Jason Wu dress she wore the inaugural ball – gorgeous!

  8. Couldn’t agree more… the purple dress and the stunning black dress were her best. And poor Sam Cam is so rocking the “I’ve a new baby, can’t grab time for more” look.

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