May Movies

As I keep a list of all the movies I watch (oh, how I love my lists), I thought I’d do a monthly blog post with mini reviews of the films that I’ve seen.

First up for May was this.

1. Four Lions.  Billed as a black comedy, this British film follows the exploits of a bunch of bumbling Islamic Fundamentalists planning a terrorist attack.  I didn’t even crack a smile, let alone laugh, throughout the whole thing, and frankly only managed to sit through it as I had a magazine to flip through at the same time.  Dreadful.

2.   Water For Elephants.  Went to the cinema to see this film adaptation of a popular book, and quite enjoyed it.  Several people had said it made them cry, but I didn’t find it too upsetting (hardhearted, me?  No!).  I do like Robert Pattinson as an actor when he’s not being Edward Cullen, mooning over the unlovely Ms Stewart and generally looking far too pasty for my liking, he’s really rather good.

3.   The Last Song.  A Miley Cyrus vehicle, this is saccharine sweet twaddle, but quite watchable nevertheless.  Definitely not a bloke’s film, though!

4.   Oooh, I do love a period drama, and Brideshead Revisited was a good one, particularly Emma Thompson who put in a sparkling performance.  Not a patch on the original TV series, though, I’m afraid.

5.   Closer.  Somehow this movie had passed me by until now.  I don’t quite know how, starring as it does four of my favourite actors: Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Jude Law and Natalie Portman.  Definitely movie of the month for me – dark, compelling and cracking performances all round.

6.   Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.  I took Will and his friend Toby to see this in 3D yesterday, and we all thought it was great.  It’s the first Pirates film I’ve actually sat down and watched all the way through, and I was impressed.  Don’t know if I’d bother if it wasn’t at the cinema, though, as I think you need the big screen and 3d to appreciate all the swashbuckling, high octane action.

7.   Walk The Line.  Another film that I’ve been meaning to watch for ages, the Johnny Cash biopic did not disappoint.  Both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon gave brilliant performances in their leading roles, and I enjoyed this film far more than I thought I was going to – particularly the music.

What’s the best film you’ve seen lately?  Any recommendations for me?


7 thoughts on “May Movies

  1. I enjoyed your film review but you know youcant count on me for a recommendation! Loved Walk The Line though too!

  2. Excellent post! And glad you liked ‘Closer’.
    Had not heard of that first film but given your review I will give it a miss!!
    I watch a lot of movies too – still need to see ‘Water for elephants’ – I really liked the book so am a bit apprehensive the film could be quite bad.
    We saw Hangover 2 last week – save your pennies – the most overrated sequel since SATC…..
    Nothing much I need to see at the moment really. Never seen any of the Pirates movies so no need to start now!

  3. I really enjoyed ‘Walk the Line’ too – although I’m not a huge fan of country music. The best film I’ve seen lately was ‘An Education.’ I borrowed the DVD from the library but it was on TV a couple of weeks ago. It’s an excellent film, very thought-provoking, fabulous period details – and best of all it’s British.

  4. I don’t know if you like the first two, but we watched ‘Little Fockers’ a few weeks ago and thought it was hilarious – properly laugh-out-loud funny. I loved ‘Walk the Line’ too.

  5. I might start doing this!

    At the moment I have the film Toy Soliders on my planner to watch! It’s a cheesy children’s film but my brother and I used to love it when we were kids!

    Victoria xx

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