Journal Jar 37. Do You Believe in Astrology & Horoscopes?

Short answer: no.

Many years ago, my mother had a job in London working for an  “astrologer” who wrote the daily horoscopes in the Evening Standard.  There were many occasions, so my mother tells me, when he told her to reuse previously used horoscopes, or worse, write them herself!

So no, I definitely don’t believe in the predictions that appear in newspapers and magazines, and can honestly say that I haven’t read one for YEARS.

On the other hand, until today, I have always thought that there may be a grain or two of truth in the fact that our star signs (Virgo, if anybody’s interested) could be linked to certain character traits.

However, having done some very brief research on this,  I’m far less inclined than I was yesterday to even believe this any more, due to the hugely varied interpretations: one list of Virgo characteristics says I am ‘practical, methodical and organised’, while another says I am ‘untidy and creative’.

Hang on a minute – aren’t they the exact opposites of each other?! (I’m more like the first description, than the second, just for the record).

Another reason I haven’t got a lot of time for horoscopes is that the people who are keen on them tend to be wishy-washy-liberal-knit-your-own-yogurt types, who write things like this (taken from a website which shall remain nameless):

“Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who, like rare and special orchids, require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty.”

Which just makes me want to stick a fork in my own eye, quite frankly.


9 thoughts on “Journal Jar 37. Do You Believe in Astrology & Horoscopes?

  1. I just LOVE your posts! I read merrily along and then in the last sentence or two, you write something that just makes me burst out laughing. Just what I needed this morning!

  2. I shall now think of myself as a rare and special orchid. Or perhaps a holly bush. Or even a dandelion, depending on my mood. Oh sod it, I’ll just be a woman. At least I know how to be one of those.

  3. I never really believe it. Meet people who ask me if my kids are Leo or whatever and I have no clue – some people view it as as important as their birthdays!
    I am Sag and Hubby is Sag so we are both quite mouthy and passionate but that’ about all I could guarantee on the star sign bit.

  4. Definitely don’t believe in them either – and I never knew MIL worked for an astrologer – will have to refer to her as mystic meg from now on!

  5. I am a virgo, and I am definitely NOT delicate. 🙂
    But can you believe it, Caroline, some people don’t leave their house without consulting their personal astrologer!!!

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