This Week …

I am reading …  I’ve just started s Simon Kernick thriller whose name escapes me, and I’m sadly too lazy to go all the way downstairs and get it.  I do like his books, though, his stories always go at full throttle right from the beginning.


 I am watching … Haven’t really been watching a lot of TV for the last week or so – am absolutely madly busy at the moment, what with end of term looming in two weeks and the summer holidays almost upon us, I’m trying to get organized before school is out.

I am looking forward to putting my feet up this evening with a glass of wine and The Apprentice, though.

From the kitchen … Leftovers and whatever I can find in the freezer, mostly, as Ashley is away all week and I’m trying to avoid going to the supermarket!

I am creating … nothing at the moment, but here’s a pic of an anniversary card I made for my brother and sister-in-law a little while back.

I am hoping … that the weather improves soon, as I’m fed up to the back teeth with the rain at the moment.  I even had the heating on again on Sunday – ridiculous!

 I am planning … to get to the end of my to do list before the week is out.

I am looking forward…  to catching up with friends on Sunday evening at our old ‘local’ pub where we used to live, which is putting on a Thai buffet night.

One of my favourite things the sale of the house we bought to do up and sell a while back finally went through on Monday – making us a very nice profit.  I celebrated with a little purchase for my holidays (will show you when it arrives) and some flights to Spain for 10 days in August for us all.


 I am proud … of William, who had to go to the hospital for some tests yesterday, including a blood test.  The tests were carried out by a Health Care Assistant (what, no nurse?  No, they were all drinking tea and chatting in the ward reception, both when we arrived, and again (still?) when we left an hour later) who got the needle into his vein, couldn’t get any blood out and proceeded to wiggle it around for about five minutes trying to make it work, before I called a halt to proceedings and asked for a doctor to do it.  The doctor managed to draw blood first time.  Bless William, he didn’t make any fuss at all.


 A few plans for the rest of the week … Housework, laundry, that enormous To Do list, and hopefully a nice rest at the weekend after a manic week.



10 thoughts on “This Week …

  1. Oh I know what you mean about the mad rush to get everything done before school finishes for summer….are there any big events for him – didn’t you say that it is his last year before he goes to Secondary School?

    Despite reading a ton on holiday it has slowed down now I am home BUT I am still not on the proper timezone so was reading until 1am this morning.

    We never eat such ‘proper’ meals when Hubby is out of town – so I get you there.

    GOOD FOR YOU requesting for a Dr to do the bloods. An 11 year old boy is not a pin cushion for practise!!!

    Spain…? Aaaargh! Still never been 🙂

    I have a book by that Simon whatsit (most Simons I know in life are really not nice people – not generalising or anything….) so I will give it a go. Also don’t know the title and mine is just in the next room!

  2. I’m so glad I don’t have schools and half-terms etc to deal with anymore.

    Am off to look up Simon Kernick on Amazon. I’m always on the look out for authors I haven’t read before.

    And congrats on the sale of the house. There isn’t room for one rather narrow but tall person in your August suitcase, is there? 😉

  3. Tell William he’s much braver than his auntie amanda who would have fainted on the first attempt!

    We loved the card!

  4. Great news on the house sale. Bless William for coping so well with the blood test. Like the card you made. Hope the next couple of weeks before school finishes goes well. You may already have the teacher present idea sorted,(if you are doing one), but I remember you liked the idea I did last year about the breakfast treat goodie bag. Just thought I would mention it incase!
    Lisa x

  5. Poor William, what are these people doing if they can’t even get a vain first time? I do hope you get some good news and William is fit and well.
    I have Emily now and want the house organised and so I can spend time with her during the school holiday. Planning some days out as well as in ( hope the weather gets better).
    I am reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, author of The Notebook.
    Watching too many cookery shows and putting pressur on myself to create some wonderful meals as easily as the TV chefs do!
    love your blog as always x Dawn

  6. How could I have forgotten to comment on the card! as you know I love cardmaking, what a lovely idea Caroline, one I will be copying ! Love it x Dawn

  7. I echo the other commenters – that card is absolutely fab! I must also have to adapt the idea at some point! I also really like this post what a great way to give a wee snapshot of your life 🙂

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