My Parcel Arrived!

I said in yesterday’s post that I would show you what I’d treated myself to when our house sale went through on Monday, and it arrived today.

Isn’t the box just lovely?  And the ribbon?  And the embossed double G thing (must be new, the embossing thing, as the last (and only other) Gucci box I got was just plain brown)?

And what was inside, I hear you ask?

It’s to use on holiday in the evenings when I only need my room key, my lippy and my phone – gone are the days, thank the Lord, of having to take a carrier bag full of colouring books, pens, games etc out with me, to keep Will occupied while we had dinner.

A needless extravagance, without a doubt, but I blame my mother, who commented rather sarcastically several times on holiday last year, when I was using a zip-up make-up pouch to carry my bits and bobs of an evening!



9 thoughts on “My Parcel Arrived!

  1. OOOOOhhhh. A GOOD REWARD from a quick flip! (hope you call it that over there otherwise it will sound so wrong!!!!!)

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