Frock It: A Week of Weddings

It’s that time of year when weddings seem to be ten a penny, so I thought I’d pull apart take a look at some wedding dresses this week.

First of all, there was a footballer marrying a bimbo model (yeah, really, such a surprise – not).    He’s already cheated on her at least once, but she forgave him, had his baby and now they’re married.  I give it about 8 seconds before he does the same again.  And she’ll no doubt forgive him.  Again.  Cynical, me?

Anyway, to more important matters – the dress:  don’t much like it, Abby – sorry.  I do think it’s such a shame when brides don’t wear any sort of head dress or veil – apart from the fact she’s clutching a bouquet, she could be at any ‘do’, really, couldn’t she?

Refreshingly, Peter and Abby didn’t have a magazine deal for their wedding pics, which I thought was nice.

Now, another model who got married this week was Kate Moss, now Mrs Hince.

Designed by the currently disgraced John Galliano, Kate’s dress was very ‘her’.  I love her veil and I like the dress from the waist down (Kate, nipples on show through your wedding dress is simply NOT classy).  Also love the bridesmaids outfits.  And the newly-married couple looked very happy.

Also this week – my cup runneth over – we had another royal wedding to enjoy – along with the persistent rumours that the bride had tried to flee the country only days before her nuptials and had her passport confiscated by the police to stop her doing so.  There’s never a dull moment with the Grimaldi family, is there?

And here is the newly wed Princess Charlene (I snigger every time I write or say that), looking gorgeous – if not radiantly happy – in her wedding gown designed by Giorgio Armani.

Lovely.  Really pretty bouquet as well.

Now, moving on a bit from weddings, I have been very interested in seeing what the lovely Kate has been wearing on the Royal tour of Canada this week.  I do like her: I’m a big royalist anyway, but she really has been a (much needed) breath of fresh air for the Royal Family, and she and William are obviously so happy together.

Here are some of my highlights – outfit wise – from the last few days:

And that’s it from me, Frock It-wise, for a few weeks, as I’m off on my hols tomorrow for a fortnight.  Pop over to Mid-30s Life for more fabulous frocks.


9 thoughts on “Frock It: A Week of Weddings

  1. I thought it was great that the Crouches didn’t go for the tawdry exclusive. Let’s hope it signals an end to the spectacle of rich people who should know better (Madonna, Wayne Rooney etc) constructing tunnels and so on to obscure any view of the wedding so they can cash in on the exclusive.

  2. Fabulous post, where to start. Hate the celebrity weddings, love Kate on tour, she is a natural and I was furious about the protest in Quebec. Watched the Monaco wedding on european tv, a fantastic dress, a sad weeping bride, my heart went out to her.

  3. I agree with almost everything in your post – your comments on the Crouches, Kate Moss and Kate on Tour (She seems to look lovely in everything she wears). I’m not quite as keen on the Grimaldi wedding dress though – I think the neckline is very flattering, but the skirt looks a bit heavy.

  4. I didn’t like Kate Moss’s dress much at all but agree it was very her.
    And I laugh too at ‘Princess Charlene’ (and think Neighbours every time). I didn’t think that much of the dress actually. Yes gorgeous etc but not the right shape for a Princess – too bland I thought and too ‘marrying a banker next door’ type dress.
    But there again did you see the cream suit/uniform old Albert wore? And his shoes? Mmm.
    Also liking our Kate’s Canadian wardrobe. But is she getting skinnier by the day?
    ENJOY YOUR HOLS.xxxx We’ll miss you.

  5. I liked Abbey’s dress except for her boobs falling out of it. I LOVED Charlene’s dress. In fact, I like it more the longer I look at it, especially the sculpted shoulder design. And the fabric looks so sumptuous. Such a shame it’s all been so badly tainted; she looked as if she was just going through the motions.

    I avoided talking about Kate’s dresses because if I had started, my head would have exploded. She is just phenomenal, I don’t know how she does it. She’s not ground-breaking fashion wise, just always looks so damn polished and perfect. I think I love her a little bit!

  6. Totally with you on Kate Moss and her wedding dress – really, could she not have worn a bra just for one day? I was really disappointed in La Moss and what she wore to get married in, somehow I thought she would end up looking stunning – and I don’t think she does.

    Poor Princess Charlene (yup, that name makes me snigger every time too,) but I gather they are going to South Africa for their honeymoon – perhaps that will be her chance to escape the Grimaldi clutches. The Telegraph today reports Prince Albert will be undergoing DNA tests on one child recently born and another that’s on the way – wow, that’s going some even for him. At 53 (blimey, he’s even older than me) I’d have thought it was time he learnt to use some contraception!!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Caroline, and thanks so much again for the swap parcel.

  7. Doesn’t that first picture just the epitome of a footballer and his bride? Nothing different or interesting there, she’s pretty just like every other pretty girl and he is tall.

    The stories surrounding the Monaco wedding are horrible aren’t they. Let’s hope they’re not true. I agree she looks amazing, but pretty miserable.

    And Kate, ah Kate, I so love her clothes. I know the papers are saying they’re a bit too safe, but so what. She looks great and boosting high st sales – what’s not to like!

    Thanks for joining in. x

  8. Fab post, agree with all thoughts on the 3 wedding dresses!… & surprisingly think Kate Moss will be only one still married in 5 years!… Kates wardrobe has been gorgeous for Canada… & if rumours are true?!? Lots purchased from work!.. Have a lovely day. Tx

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