Favourite Things About Porto Sani Village


Over a week since I even THOUGHT about my blog, and I’ve barely Facebooked or even Tweeted for the last week either – a measure of how completely chilled out our holiday has been so far: I could possibly compete for the laziest person ever award at the moment!

1. Blue, blue sky, sunshine and soaring temperatures. 36 degrees the last couple of days. Not everybody’s cup of tea, I know, but I haven’t seen a cloud since leaving the UK last Wednesday morning, and it makes my heart sing.

2. Feeling like home from home – our fifth year in a row at this amazing hotel, and the staff and management are like friends now – within five minutes of arriving here, literally, we feel ourselves r-e-l-a-x.

3. Uninterrupted hours of reading – and not feeling guilty about it.

4. No chores, not even a bed to make, a glass to wash up or any laundry to do.

5. The most important decision I’m going to make on any given day is where to have lunch or whether to repaint my nails.

6. Doing nothing: I spent about half an hour yesterday evening floating in the pool by myself watching swallows skimming over the surface of the swimming pool catching insects, and letting my thoughts meander aimlessly.

Once again, I cannot fault this place – it is our PERFECT holiday destination.


11 thoughts on “Favourite Things About Porto Sani Village

  1. We have missed your Blog. Sounds lovely not the heat as I have enough of that just someone to wait on your every whim. Is the cold better?

  2. Glad you are feeling better! And jealous you are reading in peace in the sun! I am in a hotel room with my 5 in Canada and it’s raining outside!

    Enjoy it whilst you can!

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