The End of An Era

The day before we went away on holiday was William’s last day at Junior School – I think we all felt a little bit sad.  It was also Prizegiving  – one of my favourite events of the school calendar (and not just because there’s always a cream tea afterwards, although obviously that does have a bearing ….)

Anyway, I was immensely proud of my boy, as he was called up to the stage to receive not only an Academic Scholarship into the senior school, but also the ‘XXX Portico Association Cup’ for academic achievement.

The prizes were presented by Matt Harvey, a local poet/performer, who performed several of his poems after the prizegiving part of the afternoon was over, and was really quite entertaining.

Although moving onto senior school will not be a huge wrench, as William will still be on the same campus and many of his classmates from junior school are moving on as well, it does feel like a big step towards ‘growing up’ ….


10 thoughts on “The End of An Era

  1. What a star ! You must feel strange. Still two years to go here.
    Am waering my PTA hat tonight and serving gallons of squash at our school year six leavers disco – must be mad !

  2. Congratulations to William, you all must have been very excited! I am slightly jealous of the cream tea after prize giving – we don’t get anything like that in my London junior school!

  3. Well done, William. I remember so well my girls moving up to ‘big’ school as a sweet and sour feeling. It’s lovely to see them growing up and doing well, but it’s scary to see them growing up so quickly, too x

  4. He already looks grown up enough for the next stage!
    Do they get a different uniform?
    At 11, Bee went into ‘middle school’ within the same building. Different skirts but still uniform.
    It was a different more mature learning style though. Makes a difference (in a good way) having some classmates from before though!

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