July Movies

1st August – it has dawned wet and unpleasant here, and I have builders downstairs swearing and cursing – good thing William’s off to Ashley’s mother’s for the day, otherwise I’d have to ask them to moderate their language!

Without further ado, here is a round-up of my July movies.



Based on true events, this movie about a runaway train never takes its foot off the pedal (see what I did there?!).  Both Denzel Washington (one of my faves) and Chris Pine were good in the lead roles, and there was plenty of action and excitement to keep the viewer enthralled.

 127 Hours

Or, more accurately, 127 Yawns.  Much-hyped when it came out at the beginning of this year, I was only glad that I  hadn’t gone to see it in the cinema, as it was so BOOOORING.  Bloke goes mountain biking/hiking, takes too many silly risks, ends up trapped with arm between two rocks.  Several days later he cuts his own arm off and escapes.  True story.  It had its moments, but I have to admit to spending most of the film playing games on the iPad.  And the arm cutting was totally gruesome – Ashley had to leave the room!

 London River

I had really high hopes for this British movie, which centres on two parents who come to London in the wake of the bombings of July 2005 looking for their respective children, who are missing.  Unfortunately, although I like the two main characters and the relationship that developed between them, there was too much coincidence and too much totally random ridiculousness for me to say I enjoyed the film as a whole.  Definitely not one I’d watch again.


If you’re looking for a light, fun movie for a Saturday night in, don’t choose this!  Amazing film though, considering all you see for the whole 90-odd minutes is a man buried in a box in the dark.  Very different, and well worth a watch – but not if you like your films to have a fluffy, happy ending.  Not for the faint-hearted.


 I also re-watched some old favourites this month, and really enjoyed all three.   Nothing like a bit of Hugh Grant in  a romcom to brighten up my week!



I’m really hoping to get to the cinema a couple of times in August although I imagine it will not necessarily be my choice of film, with it being the summer hols!


3 thoughts on “July Movies

  1. Apart from your 3 old Hugh Grant favourites (4 Weddings is a big favourite of mine too), I haven’t heard of any of the films you watched – I must be completely out of touch.

  2. Never even heard of that British one! (London River)
    Didn’t do the coffin one here – a bit scary for me but did like Unstoppable.

    Love Actually is my fav Hugh Grant but also love the Bridget Jones ones (although they make me feel old now!). I expect a nice snowy Christmas in London just like in the film!

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