Frock It!

Truly, my cup runneth over this week – ANOTHER Royal Wedding to get my teeth into – fabulous!

So without further ado, let’s look at The Dress:

Firstly, I should say that I thought Zara looked absolutely radiant, and I particularly loved that she wore the same tiara her mother, Princess Anne, wore on her (first) wedding day.  I’m afraid I didn’t go a bundle on the frock, though – I just thought it was a bit meh, and I really didn’t like the shape or the wide net shoulder straps.

The Royals were out in force, naturally, some looking better than others, it must be said!

Dear oh dear, Princess Eugenie: after a couple of improved outfits recently – remember the red dress at Elton’s ball, and the other red dress at Ascot? – I thought perhaps her dress sense had improved.  Not so, however – I really don’t think this ensemble does anything other than accentuate the less favourable parts of her anatomy.

Her sister, on the other hand, looked stunning:

I thought Princess Beatrice looked very elegant, loved the colour, and thought it was a perfect choice of outfit for a smart summer wedding.


Onto the Duchess of Cambridge in a gold brocade coat, which she first wore to a wedding back in 2006, albeit with different accessories.  This is probably my least favourite of Kate’s outfits so far this year – I think it’s a bit old for her, and the fabric seemed very heavy for July.

Autumn Philips, the bride’s sister-in-law, looked boring and frumpy, and more as if she was attending a job interview than a wedding.  I had a suit a bit like that for work back in the mid-90s.

The Countess of Wessex wore a very stylish suit and matching hat, all of which I like – I think the different textures of the individual items compensate for the lack of colour really well.

(Phew, glad I could be nice about Sophie, bearing in mind I’m related to her!)

Mothers of the bride and groom – what CAN I say?  I really didn’t like Princess Anne’s outfit AT ALL – the length was wrong, the pleaty fabric looks cheap, and the jacket looks as though it doesn’t fit properly.  And as for the brown lace and Eighties headgear sported by Mrs Tindall – wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sorry, ladies.

Camilla was looking quite smart, and seems to be emulating the Queen’s style of late (no bad thing, I suppose), but I’m not sure what that thing on her head was? Somewhere between a hat and a fascinator, but I’m guessing the look she was going for was not that of somebody having plonked a hydrangea bush on her head.  Which was what she achieved.

But my favourite outfit of the whole day was worn not by a Royal, but by a soapstar, bizarrely – Katharine Kelly from Coronation Street stole the show as far as I was concerned in this beautiful, understated ensemble.

I thought she looked lovely.

And just one more thought to leave you with – what is WITH the Royals and their nude shoes?  Are they getting a bulk discount??!











11 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. Oh lovely a Frock It. First can I say thank you for taking the time to do it. I agree with practically everything that you have said especially Princess Anne. What is the matter with the woman why doesn´t she go and get her hair cut and styled and coloured. With that hair she looks 10 years older than me although she is younger. As for that outfit, it looks as if she has raided the curtains from Buck Palace. You would think Zara would have said, “Mummmmmmm, please don´t wear that”. Talking about Zara I quite, and it is a quite, liked the dress but do agree with your comments and feel that her hair could have been a bit softer. The one I don´t agree with is the turquoise outfit of Beatrice. Now don´t get me wrong turquoise is my favourite colour but not all turquoise perhaps if she had left the hat off it would have been better. Talking of hats I do like Katherine Kelly´s dress, although I had never heard of the woman before, but the hat – no too big, could double as a satellite dish.

    PS. I must get myself a pair of “nude” shoes or in my day they would have been called beige!

  2. Didn’t like the brides outfit, Kate’s outfit, the mother-of-the bride outfit or the grooms mothers outfit – thought that actress who’s in a soap I think’s outfit was a bit too contrived and not particulary appropriate for the occasion – however I did like Sophie’s outfit – her style has really improved over the last couple of years.

    I need a pair of beige peep toe nude shoes but thought there were too many pairs on show at that wedding!

  3. I really didn’t like the brides dress, a bit 80s for my taste (god I’m getting old!). Poor Princess Eugenie, she just has the ‘English’ hips you have if you don’t run marathons like Princess Beatrice, no matter what she’d wear that length would look bad. But Princess Beatrice did wear did look beautiful in that peacock blue. The Duchess of Cambridge as always looked stunning, I dread the day she gets pregnant, poor girl the press will rip into her if she’s not a size 8 the day after giving birth 😦

  4. The seams on the bottom of the bodice on the dress seem to make her appear wide in the hips. Being a sporting lady I would think she is quite slender. this has given her too much shape. I also hate the shoulders on this dress. and what is with the extemely wide heam at the bottom. Very poor dress. I agree she looked radiant in the face.

    Camilla is wear a fasinator very close to the halo one she wore when she married prince Charles.

    Princess eugenies skirt is far too tight hence is its riding up in the middle. and the fabric of it looks quiet cheap

    Princess Annes jacket is hideous. I am positive it is from a laura ashley sofa. and I complete agree. Attention need on her hair.

  5. Google Princess Anne aged 19 and 21 years she looks so lovely. The trouble is that she hasn´t changed over the years. I would love to “take her in hand” or get Lulu to do a make over it would take years off of her.

  6. I agree that Beatrice looks lovely (love the colour!) but Eugenie not nearly as good. If you just look at her from the waist up it’s not too bad, but what was she thinking re the skirt? Surely someone could have pointed out that it was not flattering and that the hem looked as though she had taken it up herself. I liked the colour of Princess Anne’s outfit, but not the style.
    Nude shoes are ‘in’ at the moment, apparently, so no doubt that’s why there’s such a plethora of them. Although, as Glynis says, didn’t they used to be called beige??

  7. Loved what I saw of the wedding and hoping the hairdresser has OK mag when I go tomorrow so I can get the full details. I particularly liked them having a soap star as a guest, so down to earth and yes ‘Beckie’ looked amazing.

  8. I think I agree with everyone comment you make on the outfits!

    What was with the random bit on the bottom of Zara’s dress?! It was like they’d run out of material and tagged some on the bottom!

    Victoria xxx

  9. Totally forgot she was getting married. Love this post. Must say I am surprised at Zara’s dress choice I imagined her in something more slinky for some reason but maybe that is a no no for a royal wedding.

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