Listography – Kids Movies (For Adults)

As an avid film watcher, I couldn’t resist joining in with this week’s Listography over at Kate Takes 5.

Having watched an awful lot of children’s movies over the last decade,  I’m mosty pretty jaded by animation and talking animals, so my main criterion in putting together this list is films that I’ve watched with William and actually ENJOYED.

1.         The A Team

Not strictly a kids’ film, although I remember my brother watching the TV series as a child and being glued to it, Will and I went to see this at the cinema last summer and spent DAYS afterwards shrieking ‘Shut Up Fool’, and ‘I Love It When A Plan Comes Together’ at each other and laughing like drains.  Great entertainment.

2.         Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – On Stranger Tides

I’ve picked number 4, because it’s the only one I’ve actually watched from start to finish.  Swashbuckling and adventure for the kids and Johnny Depp for the adults – what’s not to like?

3.         How To Train Your Dragon

Had to give this one a mention as it was the first (of the new genre)  3D we saw, and were blown away by it.  My mum came with us to see it, and also enjoyed it, so it gets full marks for being great film for all ages.

4.         Lassie

Having fond memories of watching Lassie on TV as a kid, I was delighted in 2005 when a movie remake came out, and rushed William off to the cinema to see it with reminscences of my childhood favourite.  I LOVED it.  Unfortunately William, at the age of 5, was totally traumatised by one of Lassie’s doggy friends dying, and spent the rest of the day bursting into uncontrollable sobs. Not our most successful cinema outing.

5.         Miracle on 34th Street

Never fails to put me into the Christmas spirit every year (and I quite often watch the original AND the remake).  William used to like watching it with me, but the last couple of years has rolled his eyes and muttered darkly ‘Not this AGAIN, Mum’.  I still love it, though.


7 thoughts on “Listography – Kids Movies (For Adults)

  1. Oh, Lassie films were a favourite of mine growing up too. I think my 6 yo daughter would be balling her eyes out. She’s very sensitive already. (Just like her Mum. A big sook! LOL)

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  2. Of your list the only one I have seen is Miracle on 34th Street, which we watch most years. I’ve seen the original too, but not as many times as this remake! We have quite a collection of Christmas films, which I have built up over the years, and try to watch as many of them as we can in December – not before.

  3. I think I wpuld sob at Lassie even now!
    We saw Horrid Henry whilst we were away this week. Not very demanding as you can imagine, but good fun for an hour or so!
    Lisa x

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