Sunday Car Booty

After a boozy and late one with friends last night, not to mention several torrential downpours of rain, I decided a lie-in was far preferable to an early start at the bootsale this morning.

However, when we went to pick up William from Ashley’s mother at about 10 this morning, I noticed there was a bootsale taking place at a cricketfield only a mile or so from home at 12 noon.

So off we toddled – William and Ashley came along, too – and although it was small and very busy, I managed to pick up a few bits and bobs.

A small Body Shop giftset and a pretty box with bits and bobs of Boots No 7 make-up (very useful as I needed a new mascara) – 50p each.

Pretty little girl’s clothes – 50p each.

And an Evans top – £1.

Not a big haul, but we did get out in the (very brief) sunshine for half an hour, and I got my booty fix after all!


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