Lovely Lilies

Now I don’t often do review posts on my blog any more – mainly because I generally find them excruciatingly boring to read on other people’s – but when the nice people at Interflora offered me an item of my choice from their range in return for a review, I’m afraid I couldn’t resist.

I selected this one, which comes ready-arranged in a vase (handy if you’re totally hopeless at flower arranging like me), and costs £44.99, plus £5.99 for delivery.

My flowers were delivered on Thursday by a very pleasant delivery driver, and this is what I received (photo taken on the day of arrival).

The lilies are beautiful and full of fragrance – you can smell them as soon as you come into the house.  The vase is good quality, too.

But I think you’ll agree when I say that I was disappointed that the actual product really didn’t look anything like the item I had selected from the website – in fact, it looked more like one of my own ‘get some flowers and stick ’em in a vase’ efforts.

If I’m honest, I was also a little surprised that there wasn’t any sort of wrapping or decoration – for that sort of price, I would really expect some cellophane and some sort of ribbon, for protection in transit if nothing else.

I would reiterate, though, that I cannot fault the flowers themselves – they are really lovely, and I would like to thank Interflora for the opportunity to review one of their products.

They have a wide range for delivery, and if you’d like to see what they offer, the link is here.


5 thoughts on “Lovely Lilies

  1. I agree – the ones you got – as nice as they may smell, look nothing like the site’s photo.
    They are very expensive in UK I guess – an arrangement like that would not cost anywhere near 50 quid over here.
    Enjoy the smell though!

  2. They are lovely but you’re right, they’re nothing like what I’d have expected from the site! Flowers are so expensive aren’t they!? Still make the most of them and be careful not to get any of that pesky lily pollen on yourself!

  3. I, too, would have been a bit disappointed in the look of the arrangement for that price. Yes, the actual flowers themselves look lovely, but I could have shoved them in a vase just as ‘beautifully’.
    I won’t say ‘enjoy the smell’ though.. I find the scent of lilies like that too powerful and can give me a headache. I had some recently in a bouquet and after less than a day I’m afraid the offending lily was removed and put out in the garden!

  4. I would have been very disappointed if I’d spent £50 plus and received those lilies arranged in such a haphazard way. TBH, Aldi do some lovely bunches of lilies for (I’m guessing) about £3.99.

    Myself, I always us M&S if I’m sending flowers – not cheap but always superb quality and with free delivery. I can certainly highly recommend their garden planters as I sent one to my Mum a while ago and she reports that it is just getting better and better as the plants continue to grow and thrive.

    I always enjoy reading your reviews of products too.

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