After Ashley’s father died in 2009, Ashley decided his mother needed a mobile phone and took her to buy one.  She selected a simple and basic pink flip phone, and Ashley got her a pay as you go SIM for it.  Long story short, she simply couldn’t operate it.  No matter how many times we showed her how to make or take a call, she just couldn’t do it.  As for topping it up, well, forget it.

So we gave up.

Then Ashley’s auntie bought her this:

It’s about the size of a house brick, and William and Ashley would cross the road if she ever got it out of her bag when she was anywhere near them in public, but she could at least operate it (on a good day).  I gave her a contract SIM card that I didn’t need any more, so she wouldn’t have to worry about topping up.

Unfortunately, after a few months (and very unsurprisingly considering what a piece of plastic crap it is), the battery would no longer charge.

Anyway, this morning she phoned me, and after the initial pleasantries, the conversation went something like this:

MIL:    I’ve got a new mobile phone – F took me out to buy it (Ashley’s brother).

Me:      Oh, that’s nice.  How are you getting on with it?

MIL:    Well …. It rang yesterday, and it was somebody who wanted you.

Me:      Oh, that’ll be because it used to be my number a few years ago, do you remember I explained that to you when you got your last phone and I gave you the SIM card?

MIL:    Oh …. Well, can you stop them from phoning me?

Me:      Yes, I expect so – who was it?

MIL:    I don’t know, I didn’t ask them.

Honestly, you couldn’t make it up, could you?


6 thoughts on “Telephobic?

  1. ha ha ha ha so funny, when my Mum bless her got hers the first time she tried it she used it like a walkie talkie my kids p’d themselves laughing!
    even now she rings me and said i had a missed call from you? i said yes Mum that was last wednesday ! lol
    x Dawn

  2. I can imagine a similar conversation with my elderly mother. She only switches her mobile phone on when she wants to make a call – she has it in her handbag at all times (so that she can make that emergency call) but no one can never contact her on it. As for texting? I haven’t even attempted to go there…

  3. Bless my Mum was the same with the video recorder just couldn´t work it no matter how many times we showed her. Mind you I am a bit like that with our new singing and dancing microwave. Never use the thing now!

  4. My mum has that phone, too. And even that she finds difficult to use! And she also keeps telling me whenever somebody has rang who she didn’t know or who just disconnected, as if I can do anything about it.

  5. Oh the joys of aging and technology.
    My gran wouldn’t even keep the cordless phone we got her (landline) as the red light when it was in the charger – she didn’t like it – assumed the ‘charging’ of the handset was going to cost her a fortune.

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