It’s no secret that my preference in TV viewing tends towards what could politely be termed the lower end of the  intellectual spectrum of programming (and is often referred to by some of my ruder friends as ‘all that shit you watch, Caroline’).

Although I don’t watch soaps any more, my TV viewing over the last several years has included such gems on occasion as Jordan and Kerry Katona’s reality TV shows, X Factor, Big Brother (not so much in the last few years, but I used to be glued to the first few seasons), America’s/Britain’s Next Top Model, Glee, Gossip Girl, Shameless …. anyway, you get the idea.

But, without realising it, I seem to have gradually changed.

I am deliberately avoiding even a minute of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother because I don’t want to get sucked in and waste my time on it, and have also decided not to watch The X Factor this year (SO tired of the format – boring, boring, boring – and it goes on for MONTHS.  Also can’t stand the media hype around it.)


I gave up Glee a few episodes into the second season as they didn’t seem to have anything new to say, and gave up Gossip Girl because the storylines got so ridiculous in the third season, I just couldn’t be bothered with it any more.

Likewise, neither Kerry or Katie Price have anything to say that I want to hear these days.  I look back and am quite amazed they ever did, really.

So.  This weekend I watched a drama serial on DVD which was shown on Channel 4 earlier this year, called The Promise.

And not only was it gripping, entertaining and a cracking story, it actually taught me a lot about the history of Palestine/Israel over the last sixty or so years – a subject about which I was previously woefully ill-informed.

Perhaps my taste in TV really is changing …?

Although I’m still LOVING The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I can’t imagine myself watching anything featuring Jeremy Paxman anytime soon, so maybe not.





6 thoughts on “On TV

  1. You have missed so many good dramas and The Promise was one of the best. Just thought it was so thought provoking. I did know a bit about the history of the area

  2. I did find the girl a bit irritating though! There was an excellent drama a couple of years ago with Jimmy Nisbett and Liam (God I cannot remember his name) about the conflict in Northern Ireland which gave the same insight in to the problems there.

  3. I LOVE this post, I love shit TV LOL , I watch Kerry and Peter and am addicted to The housewives of Orange County, and waiting for the Housewives of New York City which starts soon, I love TOWIE and Made in Chelsea , I watched BB ( disgusted as Celeb big Brother is full of people I do not know ) I hate the X Factor but do watch the final few , I am ot a fan of soaps . I will always love shit programmes ! lol
    x Dawn

  4. OMG I love House wives of OC. Gretchen is nuts. And that Peggy, geez what is that thing she deos with her eyes? Like a weird, I dont believe it eye pop. Is that because of botox? they all have duck bill lips!!! I love watching that because it is like real life walking and talking barbie and cindy dolls.

  5. Tv drama done well is very good, isn’t it? We find some of the American series are addictive and well written. Love ‘Lie to Me’, have recently watched the danish Killing and have the american one to compare/contrast…. and I still turned on the X Factor on Saturday. Please let me have one full-fat chocolate bar in a diet of virtuous fruit and veg, won’t you?

  6. My tv tastes aren’t exactly cultured either and i’ve not managed to avoid watching Celeb Big Bro! I am watching The Borgias right now so maybe there’s hope for me?!

    Victoria xxx

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