Frock It – Hits & Misses

So, who’s been wearing what, and how well, this week?

Let’s start with the hits:

Helen Mirren looking absolutely fabulous at the premiere of her new movie The Debt.  Hair, lippy and dress all get my vote, but I think she could have chosen better shoes.

Katie Holmes, looking great for the second week in a row.  Love the simplicity of the white dress and fab (Lanvin) shoes as well.

Vanessa Hudgens, proving that even a pair of boots and an oversized sweater can look great when worn the right way – I’d love to be able to get away with an outfit like this, but fear I’d look like a mad bag lady!

Onto the ‘hmm, not sure about that …’ category:

The first picture I saw of Zoe Saldana in this dress was this back view, and I thought it looked really elegant.

Then, unfortunately, I saw a photo of the front of it …


Moving swiftly on, Kelly Brook was a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding last weekend, and looked her usual glamorous self:

But, bridesmaids in black mini dresses?  Doesn’t sit well with me. What do you think?

Real horrors this past week have included the following:

Sorry, Kate, this outfit you chose for visiting riot victims in Birmingham didn’t get my vote at all.  I know it’s McQueen and I know it’s ticking all the fashion boxes with the military styling, but I just.  don’t.  like.  it.

Kerry Katona entering the Big Brother house.  This frock goes firmly into the ‘whatever were you thinking’ box.

And finally (mostly because I’m running out of time  and have to take William to karate, not due to lack of horrible outfits!), this electric blue nylon-looking number, worn by Sally Bercow (wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons), also entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

I could write a whole blog post about this vile woman, but with the time constraints I’m currently under, suffice to say that the dress she selected perfectly reflects her as a person: cheap, trashy and classless.


13 thoughts on “Frock It – Hits & Misses

  1. Love the Frock it post as usual, wow I wish I had vanessa Hudgens figure she looked fab in those boots and sweater, sexy and sassy. I agree with the “what were you thinking” choices too. Th blue number does look cheap and nasty and the shiny tights are a no no in my book. leave them to the six year olds ( sorry if anyone wears them but they are just not my cup of tea). brill post Caroline x

  2. Love the Helen Mirren dress but then red tends to always win in my book. Katie Holmes looks good too but that Zoe Saladana or something – who the hell is she anyway? – was an Oh My God moment. What is the matter with some women do they not possess a mirror or a best friend!

  3. Black bridesmaid dress………… I actually liked the dress but not sure whether it overpowered the bride making her look insipid in comparison but hey she must have chosen it.

  4. Once again I agree with your assessments of the frocks! I can’t decide which one is the worst – Kerry Katona or Zoe Saldana.. no, on reflection I think Zoe Saldana – horrendous dress, whereas Kerry’s is just bad. Shame about Kate Middleton – she almost always looks stunning, but this one didn’t look as though it fitted very well.
    The black bridesmaid dress looks nice – but not for a bridesmaid!

  5. Ooooh. I have never understood black bridesmaid dresses at all but they are quite common over here especially when there are evening weddings. Mini dress though – also strange for a bridesmaid. There is also something iffy about the bride’s boobs in that dress.
    The big brother entrance dresses – very strange. The blue one (I don’t know who the woman is) looks like Top Shop, 9.99 circa 1989. No?

  6. Agree with all your observations! Helen Mirren looked superb except for those weird shoes. And Kate Middleton should have chosen either the skirt or shirt, but not both with all those buttons. Would maybe have been a bit more tactful too to visit the riot torn area wearing one of her high street outfits.

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