Frock It!

Gosh, all those celebs have been busy while I’ve been away – I could have written several posts today on some of the fashion hits and misses I’ve been flicking through in the last week or so!

So, brace yourselves for a rather long post today ….

First up, two very different celebs stepped out wearing Victoria Beckham designs recently:

Kim Kardashian looked pretty fabulous, I thought, (particularly compared with some of the trashy outfits she wears) in this dress.

No so much Kate Winslet, however, who appeared rather uncomfortable – the neckline looks all wrong, and I don’t think the sludgey colour does much for her.  Top marks, Kate, though, for those fabulous blingy Jimmy Choos:

Madonna has been out and about rather a lot recently. (She must be promoting something but I’m afraid I have no idea what.)

I thought this unusual butterfly dress was gorgeous, though you need to lose the Dame Edna sunnies, Madge.

I can’t help but to find it somewhat disturbing, though, that somebody who looked like this in 1994 …

… looks almost identical in 2011 …

It’s just weird.

Moving on, I thought Daisy Lowe looked lovely in this elegant black lace dress.

Dr Who could really do with changing his hairdresser, though.

Still on the subject of black lace, Sarah Jessica Parker has been out and about promoting her new movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It.

As ever, she has worn a plethora of designer and couture outfits, but this particular dress was one of my favourites.

And leave it to a footballer’s wife to show us how NOT to do the black lace thing:

Shame on you, Abigail Clancy (or are you known as Abigail Crouch these days?)  Yuck.

It pains me to say it, because I do love Kylie Minogue, but I don’t know what’s gone wrong here:

That dress is a bit muttony, poppet, if I’m honest, and also looks like it was purchased from a market stall.  Sorry.

Nicole Scherzinger showed us all how not to wear our belts this week:

Another yuck from me.

And finally, a little ‘who wore it best’ for you:

Princess Beatrice and Leighton Meester both wearing a really pretty grey Elie Saab dress.  My money is on Leighton, as I think Beatrice went a little over the top with sparkly shoes, and clearly hasn’t learned that less is sometimes more.

Oh, I do enjoy Frock It!  See you all next week with more.


9 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. I love these posts of yours! Hahahaha. I read somewhere about the GQ Men of the Year awards that “all the women were dressed as if it was a function filled with lots of men” or something along those lines. Looking at Abigail Clancy and Kylie I can see why! And Dr Who just looks weird to me, sorry Dr Who fans.

  2. I agree I LOVE FROCK IT but this week cannot agree really on any of your choices except the horrible ones. For me there isn´t one dress there that I like. Victoria Beckham´s are beige and clingy which I don´t think does anything for anyone. Beige tends to drain the colour from your skin anyway.

    Do agree about Matt Smith though such a ponsey hair cut. Possibly why I no longer watch Dr Who.

    As for Sarah Jessica Parker, I think she looks awful in that dress. It appears that she has a bandage around her neckline. I do think she is far too old to be playing the main character in I Don´t Know How She Does It.

    Madonna´s dress is okay but that is about all I can say regarding it. To answer your question she is directing a film about Wallis Simpson showing the “nicer” side of the character!

    As for the two Princesses – are they wearing the same dress? Don´t you think this is a bit weird? Are they stuck at the hip and not allowed out individually? Apart from that I think they are the best of a bad bunch.

    I am feeling harsh today………possibly because my breadmaker seems to have died a death.

    • Thanks for the info about Madonna – that must’ve passed me by! Not sure what you mean about the two Princesses? Only one is a Princess, the other’s an actress – and they did wear the dress at different times, to be fair, I just stuck the pics together for comparison!

      Hope you sort the breadmaker! x

  3. Another great post. Kate Winslet(who has an amazing figure) did look washed out in that colour but OMG the shoes…beautiful. I love S.J.P’s style and I agree the dress was lovely, going to see her film on our date night.
    Abi Clancey’s lace number was just wrong, and Kylie looked like she was wearing one of her Gran’s slips and the belt dress is vile.
    love the frock it as usual .
    x Dawn

  4. Oh bugger me! I didn´t read it properly and just assumed it was Beatrice and Eugenie wearing similar frocks!

    I sent you a link for Anne Hathaway who is in a new film and looks simply gorgeous aka Audrey Hepburn. Also see if you can check out the link for Sarah Jessica wearing a bright pink top with bright red trousers or it could be the other way around – colour blocking or just colour blind!

  5. I adore SJP dress. I am really liking this higher neck line vibe. Do you think this because Kate Middleton? She wore a grey/blue dress the other day, that PB said looked like it should have been on a secretary in the 50’s… LMAO He has never commented on fashion before.

  6. Great post, but I’m afraid I must disagree on Madonna’s butterfly dress and SJP’s little black lacy number. They don’t do anything for me. I agree with all the other dresses/comments and I think Leighton wears the fluffly blue thing best but neither of them seem to be having ‘good feet’ days!

  7. I think Madonna’s butterfly dress is just stunning although I’m not wildly keen on the sleeve detail. Totally agree that Madonna is truly amazing in that she just doesn’t ever seem to age. Maybe she has a portrait in the attic?

    I do like Matt Smith but there is something rather early-80s Ralph Lauren male model about his looks. Can’t put my finger on it exactly but he has the oddest looking face – huge forehead, tiny deepset eyes and that floppy hairstyle does nothing for him. Saying all that, I do think he makes a quite splendid Dr Who. Just wish they’d stop making the stories so darned complicated these days and stopped trying to pitch it to the American market.

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