Frock It: The “Please Dress Suitably For Your Age” Edition

Another week, another bunch of outfits, and a recurring theme I’ve found this week is celebs wearing outfits intended for people born in a differerent decade …

First we have the ubiquitous Mrs Beckham, wearing a “dress” (and I use the term loosely, bearing in mind it looks more like a nightie to me) from her own latest collection.

It strikes me as a more suitable frock for a four year old attending a birthday party, but even then it does look rather like a shapeless sack.  And as for those hideous clodhopping boots with it – horrible, horrible, horrible.

Next on my hit list is Taylor Swift, the American singer, who is 22 years old.

Such a pretty girl, normally, but why on earth is she wearing this ensemble which would be more suited to an aging grandmother?  Weird.

And here is possibly the most precocious (though eminently cute) child in the world, Suri Cruise:

Never spotted in the same outfit twice, Miss Cruise has a wardrobe that most women would be jealous of – and she’s only five!  She’s already got accessorising down to a fine art, clearly!

And just for the sake of balance, here’s somebody who I thought got dressing for their age just perfect: Coronation Street actress Helen Worth:

I thought she looked classic and elegant at the TV Choice Awards earlier this week – particularly next to some of the younger soap stars and the most of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex!

Moving away from the age thing now, my very favourite outfit of the week was Tess Daly looking absolutely gorgeous in this yellow number:

Not an easy colour to carry off successfully, but Tess is absolutely rocking it.

Honourable mention also to Holly Willoughby (who I don’t much like), but I thought this dress was fab:

And my frocky horror this week was Jessie Wallace of Eastenders, snapped on a recent holiday:


Back next week with more of the same – hope you’ll join me!


6 thoughts on “Frock It: The “Please Dress Suitably For Your Age” Edition

  1. Some of them just beggar belief but the one that fills me with horror is Suri Cruise. What are they doing to this “child”, yes child dressing her like this. Tend to agree with all your comments except the yellow dress. I HATED it and thought it was far too bright and I had to turn the colour on the tv as it hurt my eyes.

  2. Ha, what is Jessie Wallace wearing? Looks like she’s just completed a parachute jump and is wearing the parachute. As for Suri Cruise – is she already wearing lipstick? I do hope not.

  3. lol at Suri in the lipstick, in the daily mail (honestly I dont normally reads it, but one of the girls at work sent me a link to a story where conjoined twins in America were seperated…), that picture was taken on here way to scientology (cant spell that) school. heck at least its on her lips. there are pictures of me as a child with lipstick as rouge and eyeshadow and eyeshadow (blue) on my eyebrows. I am still waiting for that style to come in fashion.

    posh’s shoes are horrid.

    I think Tess looks fab for her age. I dont think I have ever looked that good and never will

    and jessie is wearing a gaggle of stingrays!

  4. Funny choices – hadn’t seen a lot of them. Jessie Wallace’s dress may well be hiding a multitude of sins under all those ruffles! Not sure about Tess Daly’s outfit. She could look a bit like a banana. There seem to be a lot of roots on display there – has UK run out of bleach for hair?

  5. I don’t know where to start! There are some seriously awful dresses there! The only good thing about Victoria Beckham’s is that it is colourful – she’s seems to have been wearing black a lot lately. I think Helen Worth’s is the loveliest and Tess Daly looks great, although I’m not too sure about the colour.

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