Magpie Monday: Vintage Frocks

Sorry I’ve been so quiet – was away for the weekend, and no car booty yesterday due to inclement weather, I’m afraid.

I did, however, pick up a couple of fabulous vintage dresses at the Barnardo’s charity shop last week, which I thought I’d show you this morning.

Burgundy cord, lace collar, Laura Ashley – just screaming ‘I’m from the 80s’.  And in perfect condition, too.

Secondly, I found this sundress and matching jacket, again in perfect condition, made by Horrockses Fashions.

I’m not sure which decade this hails from, but I think I’d go for the 70s if I  had to make a guess.  Again, in absolutely pristine condition.

I paid £3.49 each, and they are both destined for eBay at some point.

Linking up this week with Lizzie over at Me & My Shadow for Magpie Mondays.


10 thoughts on “Magpie Monday: Vintage Frocks

  1. The black one doesn´t shout “I´m from the Eighties” it shouts “downstairs at Downton Abbey”. In fact watching it last night I am sure I saw the exact dress on the lady´s maid!

  2. oh dear – I am feeling my age – the Laura Ashley dress is something I recognise from younger days! Definitely the early 80s. The sundress and jacket does look more early 70s, late 60s perhaps?

  3. I love the Brown one but then I love anything from the eighties as that is the decade of my heart and soul.
    Don’t like the other one but think 70s too as reminds me of one my Mum bought for £9.99 in Marks and Spencer back then and she thought she had spent a fortune

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