I’ve had this in draft form for AGES, so thought it was time to give it an airing.  Can’t remember where I found it, but if it was yours, do let me know, and I’ll edit the post accordingly.

Four Places I go:

1.  School run (yawn)

2.  Supermarket (yawn)

3.  Abroad on holiday (yay!)

4.  Nail bar (expensive but lovely)


Four Crushes I Have:

1.      Jonathan Rhys Meyers

2.      James McEvoy

3.      Jack Bauer (yes, I know he’s not real).

4.      My husband (couldn’t think of a fourth, so I thought he’d do!)


Four Smells that I Love:

1.  Bacon frying

2.  Wild garlic in the hedgerows – it signifies the arrival of Spring to me.

3.  Lily Flame Blue Hyacinth scented candles

4. A baby’s head.


Four Favorite TV Shows:

1.   Grey’s Anatomy

2.   Grand Designs

3.    Downton Abbey – loved the first episode of the second series on Sunday.

4. The Tudors (so sad there won’t be another series)


Four Favorite Movies:

1.  Bridget Jones’s Diary

2.  Top Gun

3.  Footloose

4.  Dirty Dancing


Four Recommendations:

1.  Marc Jacobs Daisy –my current favourite perfume

2. Diane Chamberlain – an author whose books I’ve recently discovered.

3. One Minute Peanut Butter cake (post on this coming soon!)

4. Drinking lots of water – I swear it makes me more alert and improves my skin.


Four People that I’d love to read their Fours:

1.      Mumof4

2.      Miss Beano

3.      Dawn @ This Is Me

4.      Elaine @ I used To be Indecisive



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