The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

I haven’t joined in with The Gallery for ages, but when I saw this week’s subject, Guilty Pleasures, I knew I had just the photo, taken last weekend at Moonfleet Manor.

Yes, that’s me.  Having a cocktail.  Okay, TWO cocktails.  They were both lovely.  Just saying.

Pop on over to Tara’s Gallery to see all manner of Guilty Pleasures this week.


11 thoughts on “The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

  1. That is a super photo.
    And funny that you mention this….. On Sunday I was at swimming class with the younger kids. The class before has a ‘parents and babies swim’ so I see lots of mums and dads getting out of the pool whilst holding babies and dealing with towels etc. Been there, done that. It’s all quite a sight. Just got over hairy back man heaving himself out and then there was a qite svelt chap – maybe 30s – came out and handing baby to wife (?) whilst he got his towel sorted. On his left shoulder blade was a tattoo of a martini glass – probably about 5 inches in height. And it was such a STRANGE tattoo in my humble opinion. On your shoulder?
    Maybe it is the norm for people having Martinis as their guilty pleasure? So pray tell – do you have a tattoo of your favourite tipple?

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