Frock It

Another week, another selection of celebrity fashion highs and lows.

There were a couple of lovely evening dresses on red carpets this week, firstly Kelly Osborne in this gorgeous black number.

I’m not a fan of Kelly’s at all, but I thought she looked better than I’ve ever seen her in this dress.  Weird grey hair thing going on though – what’s that all about?

The other evening dress which caught my eye this week was one worn by supermodel Heidi Klum.

I absolutely love this dress – it’s one of my favourites of all those I’ve ever written about in Frock It – if only I’d look 1% as good as Heidi does in it!

It was nice to see Taylor Swift, after last week’s granny get-up, wearing something more suited to somebody of her age – I thought she looked lovely in this sparkly number:

A great improvement.

Hasn’t Mel C glammed up immensely in recent years?  She’s come a long way since her Sporty Spice days.

Shame about the hideous tattoo on her leg, though – it rather takes away from the overall effect, if you ask me.

Renee Zellweger looked lovely this week, too.

Chic and understated – lovely.

Dannii Minogue’s outfit at The Ivy earlier this week has me firmly on the fence – I can’t decide whether I like the whole look or not.

Yay or Nay?  I definitely don’t think the brown shoes go with the rest of her ensemble, anyway.

Moving on to this week’s ‘you really should know better’ brigade, London Fashion Week brought out a host of frocky horrors.   Two of my least favourites were Jessie J, who clearly got dressed in the dark, and Nicola from Girls Aloud, who has ‘trying too hard’ written all over her.

Britney Spears wore a HIDEOUS dress this week:

You’d think she’d have enough money to afford a stylist, really, wouldn’t you?

And finally, it disappoints me to say, is Fearne Cotton, launching her new fashion collection with

I love Fearne, and regularly listen to her morning show on Radio 1, but what was she thinking with this dress?  Yet another frock that looks like a nightie.  Horrible colour on her, too – and the lippy doesn’t go well, either, while I’m at it.  I do like the 20s thing going on with her hair, though.

So, what do you think of this week’s fashion selection?


8 thoughts on “Frock It

  1. I like aspects of Danni’s outfit, I just don’t really think the accessories go that well with the style of the dress! I love your frock it posts btw!

  2. Thank you once again Caroline for a superlative view of our celebrity fashion world. I like Taylor Swift but who the hell is she? Renne and Kelly look gorgeous )never thought I would say that of the latter but hey ho. Completely disagree about Mel C s outfit bin bag comes to mind. If that is the collection at Very then I definitely won´t be bothering. Excuse typo errors typing this after a couple of drinks in the dark!

  3. Ooooh. I had read that Heidi Klum’s dress resembled upside down broccoli but I actually like it. Also very much liked Kelly O’s dress – I think her hair is platinum white blond (although a bit over processed).
    Not keen on Danni’s hair and the shoes don’t fit.
    Mel C – I wonder if she regrets the tattoos? Kelly O has a lot too and I have heard she regrets them now…..
    Maybe Jessi J’s broken foot meant that was the only outfit she could actually reach?
    I was none too impressed by Fearne’s dress wither – not exactly selling her product and the shoes looked a bit naff too.
    (written by over weight 40 yr old sat in new M&S nightie)!!!!

  4. I don’t like Danni Minogue’s dress at all – looks like some hideous 80s number with that huge peplum thingy. Reminds me of the sort of thing the granny of the bride would wear to a wedding. Loving Renee Zellweger’s outfit though – very chic and classy.

  5. You are right Fearne looks frightful, great hair though. What is going on with Nicola’s face, has she had surgery? HK dress reminds me of those pan scourer things! Love KO dress, very Hollywood heyday glam.
    Lisa x

  6. I think I’m a ‘Nay’ for Dannii Minogue’s outfit. It might have looked better without the feathers on her head, and the brown shoes. Brittney Spears does not look good in that outfit – dreadful. Kelly Osborne looks lovely.

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