Update on Ron

Thanks so much to everybody who left a message, both here and on Twitter, about Ron.

Just wanted to let you know that he was found, safe and sound, curled up asleep in a corner of the loft!  The cats often get into the loft under the eaves from the outside of the house.   He’s had something to eat and is still a bit sneezy but seems on the mend.

In other news, my blog passed the 100,000 views mark today.  Wow.  Thank you, all you lovely, lovely people who read – those who leave me comments and those who don’t.   You don’t know how much it means that somebody actually takes the time and trouble to come and look at my pictures and witterings. x



7 thoughts on “Update on Ron

  1. That is good news that Ron’s turned up safe and sound. Lovely photo of him – he looks a lot like Mum’s cat Lily (I know they’re from the same breeder) in the face – she’s gingery with a lovely pink nose too. Many congrats on 100.000 visitors too – I always enjoy your witterings.

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