September Goals Update

I’ve been a bad blogger over the weekend – unfortunately, two extremely late nights, more alcohol than was really good for me, an evening out at the pub, and preparing for, and enjoying, a cocktail and buffet party for friends, all combined to take their toll, and I didn’t even make it to the car boot sale on Sunday morning I was so exhausted.

I went to bed and 9.30 pm last night and am feeling much better today, thank goodness.

Anyway, time for an update on how my September goals went:

1.   Register with a couple of temp agencies.  DONE.  No work around at the moment though.  Have to say I’m not really too bothered – I never seem to run out of stuff to do!!

2.   Tidy out cupboard under stairs.  DONE
3.   Do something towards my 43 Things list every day. Not sure if I did something EVERY day, but I did work on my 43 things quite a lot.

4.   3 mile walk at least twice a week. FAIL

5.   Go swimming at least once. FAIL

6.   Sort out my internet bookmarks. DONE – was a MASSIVE job!

7.   Sort out the starred items in my G Reader. DONE – reduced from over 70 to less than 15

8.   Go to the cinema at least twice –there are so many good movies coming out that I want to see. DONE – actually managed 3 trips in September.
9.   Declutter my wardrobe – time for a good sort out. DONE – now I just have to sort through all the winter clothes Ashley got down out of the loft at the weekend!

10.   Get breakfast room ceiling fixed. DONE – but needs painting now!


All in all, I’m quite happy with my results – although the exercise could obviously be much improved.

I’m not setting any goals for October as we’re going to be away for the second half of the month, but I shall definitely sort some out for November.  Can’t believe I’m sitting here talking about November when the sun is shining and it’s about 26 degrees outside – madness!!



10 thoughts on “September Goals Update

  1. What a great feeling to see the progress you’ve made! I have this whole week off, and I’ve started it out so scattered…I HAVE to make a list for the week and start marking things off. But I did spend yesterday and today with family and doing things with and for them, so that felt really good.

  2. You did a lot. I am sure in your regular life (and all your decluttering things) you walked a lot anyway 🙂
    We now need a photo of your ‘tidy’ under the stairs!

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