Sunday Car Booty

Do you know, starting my Sunday ridiculously early with a trip to the car boot sale never fails to put me in a good mood.  I get fresh air to blow away the cobwebs, buy bargains, chat to all sorts of different people, and always have at least one interesting conversation with somebody in which I learn something new.  And I generally get home before the rest of the household is up and about, hence not wasting any of our precious Sunday together.

What could be better?

After two weeks without visiting as bootsale, I was really looking forward to this morning’s shopping – and without further ado, here’s what I bought.

Boots Fresh giftset £1.50, Braun stick blender (have so missed mine since it gave up the ghost a year ago or so) £1 – I was a bit worried when I asked the seller if it worked and she said “I think so”, but for a pound I took the chance and it paid off on this occasion!  Colour changing glow light complete with batteries £1.50 – a stocking filler for Will.

M&S cashmere mix cardigan – £2

Monsoon lambswool/angora drapy (drapey?) grey sweater, H&M printed tunic top brand new with tags, plus a pair of Next white linen pinstripe trousers (not pictured as already in washing machine, £4 the lot.

Shoes – £1 for the KangaRoos on the left, £1.75 each for the other two pairs – was hoping to keep the cream wedges as they are my size, but they’re immensely tight, so they’ll go into next summer’s eBay stock.  Shame, they would’ve been ideal for my holiday.

The Green Mile DVD (have been wanting to re-watch this for ages) 50p, Gossip Girl Season 1 new and sealed £1.50

Whole bagful of Victoria Jackson make-up – £2 the lot.

3 large bagfuls of 100% wool yarn – £1 each.

2 Body Shop shower gels £1 each.

A good morning’s shopping, if I do say so myself!

William is off to a martial arts convention at his karate club for the day (I’ve just made his packed lunch while my photos uploaded for this post – that’s how slow my broadband is at the moment!), and my plans include starting to think about holiday packing, a few episodes of Season 2 of Damages (loving that show) accompanied by a large pile of ironing, and some reading, no doubt.

Have a lovely Sunday x


2 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wow…………back already……… were there early!! Still, looks like it paid off!!

    We only have one small bootsale that takes place now – not really worth getting up early and travelling for! Plus it is raining hard here at the moment!

  2. Fabulous finds as always, Caroline. Sadly, our boot sale was rained off this morning, although I got my bargain-finding fix for the week at a scout jumble sale yesterday so I didn’t mind too much.

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